India has refused to develop with Russia a new generation of fighter aircraft because of the lack of a unique Russian technology – media

Индия отказалась от разработки с Россией истребителя нового поколения из-за отсутствия у РФ уникальных технологий – СМИ

The deal $9 billion to create based on the Russian su-57 first Indian fighter was canceled because India has a similar technology, writes the Economic Times citing negotiators.

India refused a billion dollar deal with Russia for the development of the Indian fifth generation fighter due to the fact that Russia has no unique technology. About it writes the Economic Times citing sources involved in the negotiations.

The government of India planned to spend $9 billion on the creation of the fighter based on the Russian su-57. Interlocutors of the edition told that the last “nail in the coffin of the project” were the assurances of the defence research and development Ministry of defence of India that the country already has all the necessary technology, or they are in development.

In August 2017, the head of the Indian Bureau of resource Vivek Raghuvanshi said that India intends to replace the Russian deck-based fighters MiG-29K due to difficulties with its operation and technical problems.

20 APR 2018 Jane’s Defense Weekly, citing official sources said that India has emerged from his 11-year-old joint program with Russia to create a fifth generation fighter. The Indian side stated that Russian su-57 that the Ministry of defence of India considered promising multipurpose fighter, does not meet the requirements for stealth, combat avionics, radars and sensors.

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