India: it carries his father injured in cycling and won a trial with the national team of cycling

Inde: elle transporte son père blessé à vélo et décroche un essai avec l’équipe nationale de cyclisme

A teenager, who was transported by bicycle his father injured, a migrant worker, ruined by the coronavirus, over more than 1000 kilometres in India, has been invited to sit tests for the national team of cycling.

Jyoti Kumari 15-year-old, has cycled, along with his father Mohan Paswan and their belongings on the luggage rack, Gurugram, near New Delhi, to their village in the State of Bihar, according to local media.

They arrived at the village on may 16, after a voyage of 1200 miles driven in seven days.

Mohan Paswan, a driver of a rickshaw, is one of the millions of migrant workers ruined by the confinement decided in march by the authorities to try to slow down the progression of the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

Without money to pay the rent or buy food, the public transportation stopped, many of them started to walk or bicycle to their village of origin.

The difficult journey of the father and the girl, perched on a used bicycle bought with their last few tickets, hit the headlines in India.

The story has also attracted the attention of the Federation of india cycling, which has proposed to Jyoti Kumari to take a test to try to integrate the national team.

“She traveled all this distance in seven days with his father and also baggage. I think that it has something in it […], this level of endurance. We can test it,” said the president of the federation, Onkar Singh.

“She said that all she wanted was to study. We told him that we also take charge of the studies in our academies”, he added.

According to the federation, the teenager is expected to return to New Delhi when travel restrictions have been lifted. It will then be tested to ensure that it is fit for the competition.

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