India: student undressed to see if they have their rules

Ahmedabad | dozens Of students in india have been forced to undress this week in a hindu university in order to check if they had their rules, the rules of procedure requiring them to move away from people during their menstruation, reported Friday by the media and a manager of the institution.

The incident occurred Monday at Sahjanand Girls Institute of the city of Bhuj in the State of Gujarat (western India), institution, held by the hindu sect Swaminarayan. It also manages a number of magnificent temples around the world, including one in London.

The survey is part of the discovery of a sanitary napkin used in a garden in front of the university. Its internal regulations prohibit young women to stay in the student residences in menstrual period and forces them to isolate themselves in a basement, as well as to stay away from the kitchen and the place of worship.

They must also sit at the back of the class during the course.

The university officials have lined 68 female students in the toilets and ordered them one at a time to undress, have told the student to the local press.

“There are no words to describe the humiliation that we have experienced”, said on Thursday to journalists a student who was part of those expressing their anger Thursday in front of the building.

The university has launched an investigation and has indicated that they may take action against its employees to the origin of this review.

“The girls have been informed of the rules of the residence prior to their admission,” however, has supported from the AFP to the responsible university Pravin Pindoria.

“I called a meeting of the administrative committee who take action against the persons responsible”, he added.

The rules the female is still a taboo deeply rooted in India. In some rural areas, women are required to live away from the community throughout their lifetimes. They are also prohibited to enter certain temples during their menstruation.

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