Indian actress Reddy was detained by police for Stripping

Indian actress Series Reddy was arrested by the police on the territory of Hyderabad for a public dance with elements of Striptease.

Індійську актрису Редді затримали поліцейські за стриптиз

The girl tried to draw the authorities ‘ attention to the chaos in the field of cinema, reports Rus.Media.

Series Reddy, which the people of India will know from the first glance at knockranna, has become a real criminal against morality. The girl tried to be sensitive to the lawlessness that is happening in the industry. After all, the projects are open makes a lot of Actresses to have sex. Answer Srii was that she went outside of the city, organized a beautiful dance, but in the style of the strip. For this act she was detained by the local police.

When she explained that his behavior did not try to humiliate, but only to attract the attention of the authorities, head of the police station said to the girl that she could complain to anyone in an official capacity, but in any case not to undress people.

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