Indian sages warn: “These 7 things should be kept in the strictest confidence.”

Индийские мудрецы предупреждают: «Эти 7 вещей нужно держать в строжайшем секрете!»

When we are filled with joy, that I want to share with the world. But wise proverb says that happiness loves silence.

But this is not the only thing to keep secret.

We offer you 7 things, according to the Indian sages, is to keep secret and not to put on a show.

1. Plans

This does not apply to such plans as to go for a walk or to buy a new newspaper. We are talking about more global. Do not tell about the distant future until you are sure it. First, plans do not always come true, and secondly, the approval may reduce the thirst for performance.

2. Good thing

It is not necessary to trumpet their good deeds on every corner. This way you will not cause admiration, and irritation and contempt. Good thing you need to do in silence.

3. Austerity

Not abundantly about the strict way of life. Some abstinence will benefit only in case if you are emotionally ready for it.

4. Inner experiences

It is not necessary to spread to others what is really going on in your soul. It is your innermost thoughts.

5. Spiritual knowledge

Not to everyone under force what can you. Not worth it to flaunt, because excessive pride to anything good will not.

6. Family difficulties

Once and for all put the taboo on this subject. Silent about what is happening in your home. Conflicts will not disappear, and gossip will appear.

7. Other people’s misdeeds

We are all imperfect. You can’t blame anyone, because who knows what tomorrow will bring. Don’t let this negativity continue to grow.

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