Individual in crisis: a response to four hours in Beauport

Individu en crise: une intervention de quatre heures à Beauport

A man in crisis has held police officers in suspense for more than four hours Wednesday in Quebec city.

Police officers were called to 14: 45 on the rue d’artois in the area of Beauport for a 52 year old man who was threatening to throw it through a window on the fourth floor of her apartment building.

A perimeter has been erected and the police have tried to establish a contact with the desperate.

A truck scale has been requested as well as a cushion.

To 16h10, a mobilization plan was considered necessary on the premises.

The investigators, the dog handler, as well as the battle group were also present during the operation.

The man barricaded has finally agreed to go to a little after 19h. The intervention lasted more than four hours.

The individual was transported to a hospital.

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