Indonesians condemned to a quarantine in a “haunted house”

Des Indonésiens condamnés à une quarantaine dans une «maison hantée»

Tired of seeing people violating the rules of quarantine at the risk of spreading the coronavirus, a leader of indonesia has decided to scare those who would ignore these actions by enclosing them in a ” haunted house “.

“The idea is that if there is an empty house or a haunted house in a village, it is necessary to confine the offenders “, said to AFP Kusdinar Untung Yuni Sukowati, head of the department of Sragen on Java island.

The manager has issued a new decree to regulate the influx in the region of Indonesians arriving from the capital Jakarta and other large cities, while some did not respect the rule of isolation of the two weeks following their arrival.

Local officials have been asked to identify the abandoned houses that are considered haunted, taking advantage of the entrenched beliefs in supernatural beings that populate the folklore of indonesia.

Five people have already been locked up in haunted houses, following these instructions.

In the village of Sepat, the chefs have chosen an abandoned house for a long time and have installed beds separated by curtains, and some furniture.

This village has isolated three newcomers who have been forced to spend the rest of their quarantine period of two weeks in this house in the sinister reputation.

Among them, Heri Susanto said that he had not yet seen the ghost since the beginning of his stay in the haunted house.

“But we’ll see the aftermath of the events “. This punishment is for the good of all, I learned my lesson, ” admitted the man, who came from the island of Sumatra.

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