Inflammatory disease: all affected children in Paris, in contact with the coronavirus

Maladie inflammatoire: tous les enfants touchés à Paris en contact avec le coronavirus

PARIS | The twenty children and adolescents affected in the paris region by an inflammatory illness, serious causing concern have all been in contact with the new coronavirus, said Thursday the medical officials, stressing, however, that the causal link was not established.

The alert is part of the last week-end of Great Britain, where the public health service has reported an increase in the number of children presenting with symptoms resembling Kawasaki disease, a syndrome, vascular, the cause of which remains undetermined.

In the aftermath, a small number of similar cases has been noted in France, the United States, Spain, or Belgium.

Concerning France, ” more than 20 children affected, aged 3 to 17 years, have been listed in the Ile-de-France (paris region) since April 15, said Dr. Sylvain Renolleau, head of the intensive care service of the paris hospital Necker-sick Children, whereas in normal times, there is less of a case of this type per month.

“These children have all been in contact with this virus (novel coronavirus), at one time or another “, he assured during a press conference call organized by the public Assistance-Hospitals of Paris (AP-HP).

This contact has been proven either by a virologic test positive but ” weak “, therefore, rather late in the infection, either by a positive serological test (presence of antibodies) which also proves that they have been contaminated in the preceding weeks, said the doctor.

In a first time, the medical authorities of the various countries had indicated that certain patients were positive, others not.

In spite of everything, “we don’t have all the arguments of certainty to say that there is a direct causal link” between the new coronavirus, and these unusual cases, added his colleague Damien Bonnet, chief of cardiology service medical pediatric.

However, doctors have advanced the hypothesis that the occurrence of this inflammatory disease is similar to “the storm of cytokine” as described in adults, a runaway immune response that causes the case serious respiratory.

“In children, it is also an exaggerated inflammatory response, but which appears later, to the 3rd or 4th week, and that is rather a violation of the heart muscle,” said professor Rémi Salomon, president of the medical commission of establishment of the AP-HP.

The affected children have presented first several days of high fever and abdominal pain, sometimes with a skin rash before developing heart failure and circulatory.

Children hospitalized in the Ile-de-France “, all have, up to this day, evolved positively in three or four days of care in the icu, ” said the Pr Renolleau.

A few cases have been reported, also in the province, but ” much less important “, has he said.


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