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    Guillaume St-Pierre

    Sunday, 13 August, 2017 20:56

    Sunday, 13 August, 2017 20:56

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    OTTAWA | inflammatory Statements, leakage of sensitive information, misinformation. It’s going to play hard in the next few weeks while it is expected that the Americans are trying to destabilize Canada at the beginning of the renegotiation of the NAFTA.

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    “This will not be a negotiation as the other, loose from the outset, the chief negotiator for the Quebec, Raymond Bachand. There will be a lot of twists and turns with statements that spectacular coming from the american industry, the White House or the Senate. “

    A first round of trading takes place on four days in Washington from Wednesday.

    In the wringer

    President Donald Trump has promised to reform the free trade Agreement north american (NAFTA), between Canada, the United States and Mexico.

    This agreement, in force since 1994, has eliminated most trade barriers between the three countries, thus opening up the lucrative american market for québec companies.

    However, for Donald Trump, this agreement is a “disaster” for the United States, who have lost, according to him, thousands of jobs primarily for the benefit of Mexico.

    But in the past few months, Canada is also passed through the wringer of the president because of canadian business practices, ” unfair “, he thundered.

    It’s a safe bet that the tenant of the White House and lobbies in the u.s. will increase their rants on the social networks and in the media against Canada during the negotiations, ” warns Mr. Bachand.

    “It’s going to have to take these statements with respect, but without letting themselves be distracted,” says the former minister of the government of Jean Charest, specifying that sent canadians will have to react with ” calm “.

    The economist Stéphane Paquin is of the same opinion.

    Stay calm

    It is also argued that the american industry will not hesitate to share plenty of false information to attempt to influence the negotiators.

    False information that could be relayed by the president to Trump himself on his Twitter account, which is followed by more than 35 million people.

    “The canadian government must be prepared to react quickly and to re-establish the facts in the american media,” says Mr Paquin. The United States say they have “problems” with Canada on dairy products, wine, and cereals in particular.

    Donald Trump has promised to tear up the treaty of free trade in north america if the text is not renegotiated to their liking.

    Mr. Bachand admits that this conclusion is unlikely, but ” possible “.

    The minister of foreign Affairs asked by chrystia Freeland appeared on it on Monday before a parliamentary committee to draw up the main lines of the canadian applications.


    The United States, a customer of choice


    • What we have exported to the Usa in 2016 : 354 G$
    • What is imported in the us in 2016 : 278 G$
    • Trade balance with the United States : 76 G$
    • 75 % of all international exports from Canada have taken the path of the United States in 2016


    • What we have exported to the Usa in 2016 : 57 G$
    • What is imported in the us by 2016 : 24 G$
    • Trade balance with the United States : 33 G$
    • 72% of all Québec’s international exports have gone the way of the United States in 2016


    The top five States in the u.s. where we export

    Total exports of goods from Quebec, 2016

    • New York :$6 Billion
    • Ohio : 4 G$
    • Texas :$3 Billion
    • Pennsylvania :$3 Billion
    • Vermont :$2 Billion
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