“Influencers”: VRAK is launching a documentary series on the phenomenon of stars digital

Photo: VRAK
The series follows, among others, Stephanie Harvey.

They are young, they are popular on social networks, and they are in the process of creating a new profession, that of spreading the good news to the masses of internet users moves online publications. With Influencers, the channel VRAK decided to focus on the phenomenon through a documentary series that will feature six stars of the digital.


“The idea of the documentary, it was to demystify the influencers, non-judgmental adult on this phenomenon, which is experienced particularly by young people, and that is obviously here to stay,” says the Duty Émilie Gaudet, the director of six episodes that will be aired Tuesdays at 18 h from the 28th of November.

Photo: VRAK
Alicia Moffet

Influencers therefore follows six young people from 17 to 32 years of age who earn their living or spend most of their time to be online, to shots of photos, videos, podcasts, or articles of association. If the director Émilie Gaudet says that the majority of influencers are interested in the lifestyle, it held that these “characters” reflect different trends, different backgrounds.


The series focuses among others on Alicia Moffet, a former candidate of The voice, who recently founded his own company of cosmetics. It has 232 000 subscribers on Instagram. You can also see Marc Fitt, follower of the formatting to 4.8 million subscribers to Facebook. In addition to the popular fan of virtual games Stephanie Harvey, the 17-year-old Gloria Bella, the owner of a company of swimwear Elizabeth Rioux (1.3 million subscribers Instagram) and the visual artist Pony, whose real name is Gabrielle Laïla Tittley, known for his works colorful, often use the icons of the rap music popular.

Photo: VRAK
Marc Fitt

The camera follows these six headliners in their daily lives, in their habits, times of joy, but also in the darker side of this world that draws heavily on the superficial, on the apparatus.


“We chose not to interview specialists, precisely because the intention is to give them the word to them, to make a documentary that follows the day-to-day, explains Émilie Gaudet. We didn’t want to make a sociological analysis of the phenomenon. “


An approach for young people

Photo: VRAK
Gloria Bella

However, Influencers will address the public of VRAK, all young, aged 15 to 30 years, believes the director. And by the band, it can affect the old, as the parents of the viewers to target.


“In the approach of achievement, even in the rhythm, the editing, the dynamism of the show, we also wanted it to look a little like how [the influencers] use of the image, how they present themselves,” says Gaudet. For example, there has been much use of framing that we often see on Instagram, square images that look like photographs, we use their videos to iPhone, etc “

Photo: VRAK
Elizabeth Rioux

In the eyes of Emily Gaudet, the world of influencers is a bit of a new kind of reality show, in which the audience can follow the details of the lives of celebrities through digital platforms. But it should not be unreachable, said in the first episode, Alicia Moffet. It is necessary to sell a dream, but a dream that people can aspire to achieve.


“They show very mundane things of life, but the fans love it, because they have the impression to be their friends, to be in their lives, close to them,” notes Gaudet.


According to the filmmaker, the negative aspects of this business still to narrow to reveal the course of the episodes, from the mouth of the influencers interviewed.



Photo: VRAK

It speaks of the weight of the trolling, negative comments and the judgement that weigh heavily on the stars of the Web. And, no matter what you may think, the work to do is immense, and the schedules, sometimes, overloaded. Émilie Gaudet says that Elizabeth Rioux gets up at night to publish content because it has loyal subscribers in Asia. “Marc Fitt told me that he was all the time thinking of the next video he’s going to do. “In the series, he even explains that he wants to seem to videos… after his death.


It took a little time to the director of Influencers, to break the shell of several of these champions digital. It is that they are very aware of the camera, the image — hey, it’s their job !


“I did a documentary series on the trailing car, another on of drillers on an oil rig, these people are so not used to having the camera on them, they don’t know what is the timeline, they do not realize what you can do with their image,” says Émilie Gaudet. But it was difficult with the influencers to ensure that they have confidence in. But I’ve developed great relationships with them ! “There are still some advantages to a relationship between two human beings of flesh and bone.


As of Tuesday, November 28, 18: to VRAK

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