Influenza: Quebec injected funds to alleviate the emergency

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The new space can accommodate patients who need care to be lighter than those offered in the hospital.

The minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette, is forced to pay a large price to avoid an overflow of the emergency to the approach of the peak of the flu season.


The minister Barrette announced Friday in Montreal, an annual injection of 23,25 millions of dollars in order to open 350 additional spaces in intermediate resources in the region of Montreal and its north and south suburbs.


These places, from most of the private sector, it would also free up short stay beds in hospitals for patients who have already been seen in the emergency department, but there are always lack of space elsewhere in the hospital, one of the main causes of waterlogging of the units in emergencies.


The new space can accommodate patients who need care to be lighter than those offered in the hospital.


Last year, Quebec had added $ 100 million to develop 2,000 seats, or an average cost of $ 50,000 per site. The government, however, had gone there by invitation to tender, that he could not make it this time due to a pressing need.


The unit cost of the 350-seat announced on Friday amounted to 66 428 $, which is 33 percent more expensive than those obtained last year.


The peak of flu season is expected in about three weeks and is expected to last four to six weeks.


In addition to the addition of new seats, the minister Barrette announced that the hospitals will have to maintain the level of regular staff during the school break, a period in which usually institutions operate with a reduced staff as during the Holidays and in the summer.


The minister Barrette said that the places that he has rented or purchased can be found in the regions of Montreal, Laval, Montérégie and Laurentides-Lanaudière, and that it is all of the new places he could find.


He says that there is no other place available in the other regions, which had also benefited from the addition of 2,000 seats in the last year.

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