Info the must-sees of the day: Carrots organic with pesticides, “Dancing with the stars” and trial Fiona

Cécile Bud and Berkane Makhlouf are on trial, on appeal in le Puy-en-Velay, for the violence that led to the death of Fiona, 5 years old. — Thierry Zoccolan / AFP

We don’t know for you, but we are quite happy with the weekend looming : large sun Saturday and Sunday with summer-like temperatures to the key. Before you enjoy it, you have put together a small shoot of what to enjoy without moderation.

The article the most-read of the day : An intelligence officer sends by mistake an SMS… to an islamist that he has bugged

This is what is known as a large dumpling… An agent of the central intelligence territorial committed on Saturday last an error of manipulation. The police officer, who wanted to send a SMS to one of his colleagues about an islamist bugged, was delivered to the wrong recipient. His message would have been sent… to the individual being monitored. An error that would be very badly placed within the ISB (Directorate-general of internal security) that monitored it also the individual.

The article the most shared of the day : The lawyers are angry with each other, the appeal trial devoted to the disappearance of Fiona is suspended until Monday

“There are ways to make excuses… “, murmured Mohamed Khanifar out of the courtroom. The lawyer of Berkane Makhlouf and Renaud Portejoie, Cecile Bud, have left with a bang, in the early afternoon, the appeal trial is spent, since, Monday, to the disappearance of the little Fiona, 5 years old. The president of the assize Court, Stephen Fradin, has suspended the hearing until Monday, following an incident. It explains it all
in this article.

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The controversy of the day :How to explain the presence of pesticides in carrots organic ?

A discovery that is a mess. Journalists from France 3 have found pesticides in carrots labeled organic after having carried out tests on eight brands, four from agriculture and conventional and four organic certified. But how is this possible ? Is it an external contamination or worse, a fraud ?
Illumination in this paper.

The paper tv of the day : ” Dancing with the stars ” returns, and that, we achèèèèète ! Or not…

Dresses with sequins and open shirts on bare torsos are back this Saturday night on TF1. Dancing with the stars returns to 21 hours for an eighth season, which promises to be rich in sambas improbable, tangos feverish and dances contemporary, very contemporary. Several novelties are announced, and looks like a Jean-Marc Généreux bubbling like putin in overheating, we buy ! Or not… We
the point here.

The story of the day : ” I tested the resto U… and surprise, I found it really good “

Chips soft, macedonia, vegetables, foul, and ground beef to taste improbable. These are the memories that our reporter had kept in memory of the resto-U. Not what you want to return. But as the Crous (regional centres works academic and school) have announced that they were throwing vegetarian meals to this school year, she thought that things had maybe changed. Really ?
It is to discover here.