Informal income – the main cause of low pensions in Ukraine

This statement was shared by the press service of the Ministry of social policy.

Неофіційні доходи - основна причина низьких пенсій в Україні

The Ministry of social policy of Ukraine appealed to the public with a request to find a formal work and pay a Single social contribution from their salaries with the objective of filling the Pension Fund. In this case, when the income FSPs will rise, pensions will be automatically recalculated upward, informs Rus.Media.

It is noted that the demographic situation in the country when pensioners are more than able – bodied persons in less significant factor, which affects if and pensions, significantly less than the balance of the PFC.

“This problem often try to pass off a demographic, though it is absolutely untrue. It was the shadow economy of undeclared work and wages in envelopes is the main issue of low pensions,” – said in the message.

On assurances of the Ministry, to raise pensions in the country “is impossible without the participation of the whole society”.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Pension Fund Evgeny Kapinus said that in Ukraine 10 working for 11 seniors. In this regard, the Cabinet of Ministers has planned to increase the rate of the Unified social contribution, to provide automatic indexing of pensions to the retired in 2019.