INFORMATION EUROPE 1 – A new “rapid support force” for the maintenance of order soon to be created

    INFORMATION EUROPE 1 – A new “rapid support force” for the maintenance of order soon to be created

    INFO EUROPE 1The police are preparing to create an elite national unit to restore order in the event of urban violence, according to information from Europe 1. This “Rapid Support Force” (FAR) made up of 200 specially trained CRS and equipped could be deployed at any time in the event of serious disturbances and anywhere in France, like last year in Dijon, for example.

    200 CRS, on alert 7/7 and 24/24

    The idea of ​​the management is to make it a special unit that could intervene everywhere in an emergency to restore order, like the RAID for the madmen and terrorists, or as do, at the departmental level, the companies of public security intervention (CDI). For this, the current CRS company number 8, based in Bièvres, in the Paris region, will be completely transformed. In total, the Rapid Support Force will consist of 200 CRS, divided into two groups. Everyone will be on alert for seven days in a row, 24 hours a day, and ready to go in 15 minutes.

    According to our information, this force will be equipped with special means: a new anti-fire uniform, a lighter helmet, no large vans, but fast 4x4s that can cross barricades. These future “super-CRS” would also receive a specific bonus different from the current system. Indeed, they would only do short missions of two or three days maximum, then leaving room for other reinforcements. Implementation is expected by next summer.

    Skepticism among some police sources

    The current police officers of the CRS 8 company must make a decision before the end of January to say whether they are applying for this new future unit, or whether they are requesting their transfer to another CRS company. The volunteers for the FAR will then have to pass a series of tests to measure their aptitudes. Secondly, identical units could be installed in each of the major zonal police departments in the territory.

    Joined by Europe 1, several police sources seem doubtful about this “Rapid Support Force”. Indeed, some wonder if these troops will not arrive after the battle if they have to cross France to restore order far from their base and what logistics (accommodation, food) will be put in place for all these. CRS that would suddenly be thrown without anticipation. So many points that remain unanswered for the moment.

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