INFORMATION EUROPE 1 – Electric cars: France has 45,000 charging stations

    INFORMATION EUROPE 1 – Electric cars: France has 45,000 charging stations

    INFO EUROPE 1Is the goal of having 100,000 charging stations for electric cars in France at the end of 2021 achievable? In any case, this is what the government announced six months ago, bringing forward by one year a deadline initially planned for the end of 2022. A study published Wednesday morning and revealed by Europe 1 shows that this ambitious figure seems difficult to be achieved, despite the recent increase in the number of terminals. There are now nearly 45,000, according to the Delta-EE firm, specializing in energy transition in Europe.

    Only 7% of very powerful terminals

    The figure of 45,000 terminals could, at first glance, seem very positive, since the latest counts rather indicated a stagnation around 30,000 terminals. The problem lies in the quality of these terminals, which are sometimes broken. Above all, barely 7% of them allow fast charges, that is to say 80% of a battery in 30 minutes.

    We feel that there is also a desire on the part of the industry to advance the issue of charging stations.

    Substantial resources have nevertheless been deployed to reach the figure of 100,000 terminals at the end of 2021: “Our forecasts rather saw the figure of 100,000 terminals arrive around 2023-2024”, recalls Arthur Jouannic, head of the France office at Delta-EE, a firm European studies specializing in energy transition. “There have been major partnerships between industrialists and energy companies, we feel that there is also a desire from the industry to move this forward.”

    Equipment to be repaired or changed

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    “But it’s still very, very ambitious,” said the leader contacted by Europe 1. “Honestly, we don’t really believe in it because it’s still a fairly big logistical challenge. There are also a lot of public charging stations. that need to be repaired and changed. It’s going to be a big problem to reach the 100,000 figure. ”

    High-power terminals will arrive on a larger scale this year, under the leadership of Legrand, Schneider Electric and Total. The development of the network will also involve companies. Finally, according to Delta-EE, 50% of sales of electric cars go to car fleets.

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