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To 87 years, Costa-Gavras has lost none of its bite and his political commitment. In his new achievement, adult Conversations, the filmmaker filmed the scenes of the economic crisis that has hit his Greece home in 2015. The result is a thriller informative and entertaining read that will appeal especially to enthusiasts of policy.

Athens, January 2015. The left has taken power in Greece while the country is on the edge of abyss for seven years. The new prime minister Alexis Tsipras decides to entrust the post of minister of Finance to one of his close collaborators, the economist Yanis Varoufakis.

Displaying a casual look and a human approach which clash of his peers, Varoufakis certainly has not the appearance of a politician’s typical. Yet it is him who will be sent to the front lines to negotiate the Greek public debt with the unlikable by Finance ministers of the major countries of the european Union.

But Varoufakis, who is not the type to let it impose, is determined to defend his people in the face of these financial who think only to save the banks and the euro.

To achieve this docufiction-like financial thriller, and policy, Costa-Gavras based on the book of the same title that Yanis Varoufakis has written after he resigned from his post in the summer of 2015.

Varoufakis has also provided the filmmaker the recordings he had made of his meetings with the major financiers of Europe during the five months when he was minister of Finance. For the sake of realism, the developer of Z and The confession is also said to have reproduced in an authentic way the dialogues that Varoufakis has had with his peers from other european countries.


Conversations between adults is necessarily a film very talkative, which is mainly based on the richness of the dialogues (some of the replicas are scathing to hope) and the game convincing actors. Carrying the film on his shoulders, the Greek actor Christos Loulis has managed to compose a Varoufakis is both charismatic and endearing.

Of course, the subject is complex, but Costa-Gavras has managed to transform this story into a suspense distracting, which takes the road for two hours, despite a few lengths, and redundancies.

Structuring his narrative as a Greek tragedy, the veteran filmmaker has also avoided falling into the trap of filmed theatre. Certain shots and camera movements show that he has lost none of his sense of the cinema.

  • Conversations between adults (3/5)

A film by Costa-Gavras

With Christos Loulis, Alexandros Bourdoumis and Ulrich Tukur. Offered on the platform of the Cinema to the Park and video-on-demand from June 2.

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