Injured in his holiday apartment, it requires a 20 $ 500 to the insurance company of his host

  • Kathleen Frenette

    Friday, 11 August, 2017 17:03

    Friday, 11 August, 2017 17:10

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    A seventy-year-old american on vacation in Quebec city who was “cut off part of the thumb” by the sash window of the apartment where she was staying claims 20 to $ 500 to the insurance company of his host.

    In the summer of 2014, the Massachusetts resident came to visit a friend who lived on the side of the Mountain.

    On the evening of 12 August, when she wanted to close the sash windows of the apartment, one of the windows “unexpected and unpredictable” is dropped in free fall, “is closing all its weight on the left hand” of the seventies “him cutting deeply into the thumb, which is attached to the rest of the hand by a flap of flesh.”

    Alerted by the cries, the niece of the woman tried to pull free, without success. Called in reinforcements, and the paramedics arrived on the scene thirty minutes later and the lady was eventually released, and then taken to the hospital where she underwent an operation.

    “To this day, and this, in spite of his constant efforts to improve his condition, the lady is still suffering from the injuries inflicted by the window”, one can read in the document filed with the court.

    The lady, left-handed, now has difficulty writing, handling utensils, buttoning clothing and close zippers”. In addition, her thumb is now “blackish”, which results in the lady “a major inconvenience”.

    Active woman before the accident, it must now require the services of a home help to assist in household tasks, and more specifically, of the chores”.

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