Inner game: the United States announced Russia’s attempts to shift blame to Ukraine for “intervention”

Democrat William Keating introduced in the U.S. Congress a draft resolution which stated that Russia allegedly tried to shift on Ukraine responsibility for “intervention” in the presidential campaign of 2016 in the United States. To this end, Moscow used the “disinformation campaign”, according to a document seen by the RT. According to experts, initiatives of this kind are part of the political games of Washington. On the eve of the forthcoming elections, Democrats are once again trying to revive the theme of “Russian intervention” in order to ruin the reputation of the current President of the United States Donald Trump.

Внутренние игры: в США заявили о попытках РФ переложить на Украину вину за «вмешательство»

© Jonathan Ernst / ReutersЧлен Democratic party of the United States William Keating introduced us Congress draft resolution, the text of which claims that Russia is allegedly “intervened” in the presidential elections in 2016, and subsequently tried to shift the blame for alleged crime in Ukraine.

“(Resolution. — RT) expresses the opinion of the house of representatives that the Russian Federation interfered in the presidential elections of 2016 in the United States and deliberately spreading false information to cause suspicion against the Republic of Ukraine”, — said in a document seen by the RT.

It is emphasized that to achieve this goal, the Russian Federation allegedly involved the intelligence agencies, which promoted the misinformation.

“The house of representatives recognizes that the disinformation campaign conducted by the Russian intelligence, aimed to shift the blame for meddling in the election of 2016, with Russia on Ukraine”, — reported in the draft resolution.

As explained by Keating, in the house of representatives believe that Ukraine “is on the forefront of the struggle against military aggression and hostile influence of Russia”. In this regard, in the document fixed the expression of the American congressmen support Kiev.

It is worth noting that Moscow previously mentioned, the specific facts of how the Ukrainian side supported the “one candidate” for US President in 2016.

“During the election campaign in the United States the current (as of 2016. — RT) the Ukrainian government has taken a unilateral stance in support of one candidate. And more than that — some of the oligarchs with the approval, certainly, political leadership, funded that candidate or that candidate, to put it more precisely,” — said Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting with Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban in 2017.

Внутренние игры: в США заявили о попытках РФ переложить на Украину вину за «вмешательство»

Donald trump and Hillary Clinton during the presidential race in the United States in 2016 © Brian Snyder/ReutersНапомним that presidency of the USA in 2016 fought Hillary Clinton from the democratic party and Donald trump from the Republicans.

During the election campaign in the United States many Ukrainian politicians not only openly expressed antaranews position, but allowed himself harsh statements in the address of the future American President.

So, Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov in Facebook called trump a “dangerous outcast” who “indulges Putin” and “cannot be the guarantor of the democratic freedoms in USA and in the world.” Subsequently, the interior Minister was removed from his post in the social network.

Advisor Avakov Anton Gerashchenko underlined: “the American Constitution does not allow the President to be a tyrant. If trump out for red flags and violate the law, it is waiting for impeachment”.

In a similar vein, there were the ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

“The official candidate of the United States challenges the values of the free world, the civilized order and international law. It can hardly be called ignorance. It is a crime of ethical and civilizational principles. Americans deserve to have responsible and intelligent President and Supreme commander” — he stressed.

Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, such as Vadim Denisenko, Oleg Lyashko and Mustafa Nayem, and is called trump “a complete idiot who says anything in order to guess the mood of the crowd”, said his victory is a disaster, but also hinted at the possibility to share with U.S. experience of the “Maidan”.

The authorities in Kiev are thus played on the side of the opponents trump and supported his opponent, Hillary Clinton, said in an interview with RT political analyst Yury Lights.

“Of course, in the campaign of 2016, the then Ukrainian authorities played on the democratic side. Their patron at that time was Biden. Naturally, Kiev wanted to win to Clinton, then Biden would have continued to play a dominant role in American politics, and Ukraine would enjoy this support. The authorities even allowed themselves obscene remarks against trump. But when he won, they had “to change on the fly”, and trump haven’t forgotten,” — said the expert.

The reason for the investigation

The possibility of interference of Ukrainian officials in the electoral process in the United States do not exclude and in Kyiv. So, earlier Verkhovna Rada Deputy Andriy Derkach has published on his page on Facebook post about the decision of the court to oblige the General Prosecutor of Ukraine to resume over the proceedings about the possible intervention of representatives of the National antikorruptsionera Bureau (NEB) in the U.S. presidential election.According to the parliamentarian, “intervention” was carried out “by an illegal publication against the head of the electoral headquarters of the trump Paul Manafort”. This information is questionable and could be falsified by employees of the American Embassy in Ukraine and the NAB, said Derkach. Actions of the office, he added, have harmed the international image of the country.

In turn, the President of the country Vladimir Zelensky in October also stated that Kiev must investigate, did the country’s citizens to influence American elections in 2016. However, he added that “the reason for this (investigation. — RT), probably is”.

On the investigation of possible involvement of Ukraine in the presidential race have also referred to the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo. The corresponding statement the head of the state Department made during the press conference, when one of the journalists asked him whether Washington and Kiev to investigate the involvement of Ukraine, not Russia, for example, to gain access to e-mail the Democrats.

“Every time there is information indicating that any country interfere in American elections, we have not only the right but also the duty to investigate it. We must be sure that the American has access to the ballot box to cast their vote, and that these criminals are undermining our Western democratic values”, — said Pompeo.

Внутренние игры: в США заявили о попытках РФ переложить на Украину вину за «вмешательство»

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo © Yuri Gripas/Reuters

“Spoke in the wheel of the Buddha”

William Keating, in its resolution, referring to the number of documents of intelligence agencies of the United States, said that Russia allegedly intended to “undermine public confidence in democratic processes in the United States, to denigrate Hillary Clinton.”

In addition, the Congressman argues that “in 2015, Russia began to conduct a secret campaign of influence, aimed at the elections of the President of the United States.” The Russian government allegedly “hoped to improve the odds of trump winning the election, discrediting Clinton and exposing her in an unfavorable light.”

At the same time, according to politician, the American side has no information regarding the possible intervention of Ukraine in the course of the American presidential campaign of 2016.

In its resolution, the Keating condemned Moscow’s efforts, “aimed at undermining freedom, democracy, rule of law and free and fair elections”.

The theme of Russian “interference” in US policy was raised during the press conference following the talks, Secretary Mike Pompeo Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on December 10. According to the head of the Russian foreign Ministry, such rhetoric American counterparts is unfounded.

“Today reiterated that all speculation about our alleged interference in the internal processes in the United States are unfounded. No facts that would confirm, we have not seen. No, we did not present them — probably just because they don’t exist,” — said Lavrov.Accusations against Moscow repeatedly denied by the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We initially said that this notorious Commission of Mr. (former special U.S. attorney Robert. — RT) Muller will not find anything, because it better than us nobody knows. Russia did not interfere in any elections in the United States. There was no conspiracy, of which Mr. Muller said, between trump and Russia”, — said the President.
As the Executive Director of the monitoring organization CIS-EMO Stanislav Bychok, the emergence of new initiatives against political opponents before the next elections in the US — standard situation.

“We know that in the United States house of representatives — democratic, the Senate Republican, respectively, Democrats are doing everything to put a spoke in the wheel of the Buddha or, at least, to stain its reputation in the context of elections,” he explained RT.

In his opinion, the trend of accusations Russia is still relevant, and to shift attention to Ukraine anybody isn’t ready yet, except for supporters of the trump.

“Russia is perceived as a serious country to be feared. Ukraine the impression does not produce. In addition, Ukraine is likely still perceived as a country that needs to be protected from Russia, and which to help on its path to democratisation and Euro-Atlantic choice”, — the expert added.

Political analyst Yury Lights, in turn, has noticed that in a short time, Washington can expect new initiatives and allegations of “foreign interference”. However, according to him, all that is just internal games USA.

“On the nose the start of the presidential campaign. The hopes of Democrats that they will be able to discredit trump, do not find a proper confirmation. So they come up with new stories. We should not pay attention to these things — it’s a game of US domestic politics. These anecdotal investigations will continue,” says Lights. Ksenia Kalinkina, Julia Gureeva, Anastasia Rumyantseva

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