Inoculation of trees in winter: the basic rules

To a little to relieve the hectic spring period, vaccination can be used in the winter season.

Щеплення дерев взимку: основні правила

Ways winter vaccinations

Vaccination – a method of joining plants (their parts) to produce a single organism, the transfer of the cuttings or buds of one plant to another, their fusion together. The part on which the graft is called the rootstock, and the one that take a cutting – Scion, informs Rus.Media.

Grafting Priklad (topolyovka) – simple grafting method, it is used when the diameter of the rootstock and Scion match. If you want to fall next year to get ready for planting the seedlings, the best way winter vaccination – improved topolyovka “a tongue” when greater joint strength on oblique sections of the Scion and rootstock make rossipi with the formation of the reeds below when connecting components, they went for each other. This procedure anyone can learn, believe me, nothing mysterious or difficult in it.

The choice of rootstock for grafting

To prepare for any vaccinations you need in advance. First, you need to purchase a rootstock or to grow it yourself.

  • Rootstocks for Apple trees it is better to use seedlings of Antonovka and Anise or clonal rootstocks.
  • To use pear seedlings varieties Tonkovid, take the yellow or hardy wild pear or klonowa pear rootstock.
  • To obtain the cherry rootstock sowing the seeds of varieties Vladimir, Lubskoe, Dubinki or used clonal rootstock.

All fruit trees can be grafted with this method, however, there are features. Winter grafting of Apple and pear survives well regardless of the class subject to all rules and conditions of storage of cuttings and rootstock. The winter survival rate of grafting cherries depends on the variety. Well acclimatized grade Youth, Robin, Bulatsa.

Harvesting of the rootstock for winter grafting

To prepare for winter vaccinations in the fall, in late October – early November (depending on what kind of autumn), dig rootstock, sprinkle it with a wet sand in the linen bags or boxes and placed in a dark room with temperature from 0 to +3°C. This could be a basement or some room that is used as fridge. During the whole storage time watching the plants were in a wet environment. If the winter snow, you can store the rootstock in a specially prepared snow piles – however, it is necessary to take protective measures against damage of plants by rodents. In this state he remains until February when it comes time to spend the winter flu shot.

Harvesting of cuttings for grafting

Cuttings for grafting you can slice in your own garden, to share with collectors, or purchased at specialty nurseries or orchards of academic institutions, where there is a collection of fruit plants with assurance of compliance with selected varieties. This can be done in December. Follow the air temperature during the cut cuttings it should not be below -10°C.

To be able to choose healthy, not damaged by frost Scion, you must prepare several cuttings of each variety. To keep them tied in bunches, provide with labels indicating species and fruit tree, wrapped in a plastic bag and placed in the same room, where the rootstock.

Preparation of rootstocks and cuttings for grafting

The day before the start of work to make the rootstocks in a warm room. Before vaccination need to be rinsed to remove all the damaged parts of the roots.

Cuttings for grafting bring from the store on the day of vaccination, if they are prepared beforehand. If they are sliced the same day, they must warm up to room temperature. All work can be done on the table in a warm room.

Master class on grafting Apple trees with photos

Most grafting is done in the root neck, but you can instill in the trunk just above the root collar. Try to pick up the Scion and rootstock are about the same thickness. If this is not possible, then cut on the handle combined with cambami with the cut of the rootstock with at least one side. On the stem to leave 2-3 buds.

Щеплення дерев взимку: основні правила

Further, the junction of the rootstock with the Scion tightly wrapped plastic film. You can use sliced narrow strips of dense polyethylene, but it is better to use potoroidae film “Stalk”, which you can buy in specialized stores.

Щеплення дерев взимку: основні правила

To prevent the loss of moisture grafted stem, including framing, fast enough to avoid a burn grafting, is lowered into the heated mixture of water, garden Vara and paraffin (1:1) with temperature not exceeding +60…+ 65 °C. a Layer of Vara and paraffin on the water surface needs to be flat, so the handle is formed by a thin layer of protective film thick can fall off before the allotted time.

Щеплення дерев взимку: основні правила

When vaccinations are done, the plants are placed in boxes at the bottom of which lay a polyethylene, cut in several places to drain of excess moisture. Plants pour wet sawdust, pre-steamed and cleaned from pieces of bark, or moist sphagnum moss.

Щеплення дерев взимку: основні правила

After thawing of the soil and inoculation, the plants are planted in the soil. To fall. following the planting year, plants are full two-year seedlings and transplanted to a permanent place in the garden.

Щеплення дерев взимку: основні правила

The boxes are transferred to the room where were kept stock, or buried in a snow pile. There are vaccinations will have to wait for spring when they can be planted in the ground. Not to start premature growth of buds, storage temperature should not exceed +3 °C.

You must make sure that sawdust or moss was wet during the whole storage time of vaccination. In this state, the future seedlings maintained at a temperature of +18…+25 °C for 8-10 days. After this time, selectively check the status of several grafted seedlings – visiting sections of the roots: if they started to grow, it’s all right.