Inquisitive chimp and turtle became heroes funny video

Любознательные шимпанзе и черепаха стали героями курьезного видео

The network blasted the video, which shows chimps, a keen interest in the turtle. These animals live in the Center of protection of chimpanzees in Guinea. There the animals are a way of life as close as possible to life in the wild

Chimpanzees regularly walk through the woods, so they can get used to the wild and continue to live in the wild. Also help them to learn how to interact with other animals. Another walk was busy with new impressions. Monkey faced turtle and began to study it.
Employee of the Center, which was accompanied by a chimpanzee recorded the meeting on video. In the video you can see that the monkeys are scared and interested at the same time. The most daring monkey managed to touch a turtle shell and even to look inside. After studying turtles animal tried to probe that the inside of the shell with the hole thumb.

The turtle behaved traditionally for such cases, she hid under armour and waited for the danger in the house. Accompanying stole a chimp on a walk, and the turtle managed to crawl away.