Inseparable: Kylie Jenner poses in a Jacuzzi with her friend Jordan woods

Kylie Jenner and Jordan woods

Young mum Kylie Jenner manages everything and finds time not only on child education but also for friends. Weekend 20-year-old star went skiing together with his close friend Jordan woods.

The girls had, apparently, a favor and rest up. In their social networks Kylie and Jordan have shared a very hot staff. Them girlfriend dressed in swimwear, posing in a Jacuzzi.

Kylie Jenner and Jordan Wudsv recent times, according to witnesses, Kylie and Jordan were literally inseparable and this weekend also decided to hold together.

Jordan woods and Kylie Jenner

Lee went with his lover Travis Scott, unknown — in the pictures it is not. Perhaps he once again remained at home with her daughter Stormy, giving the mother of the child to rest a little. However, previously there are rumors that the couple is not going smoothly in the relationship (and Internet users, upon seeing the daughter of the couple, even doubted that Travis is her father).

Kylie Jenner

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