Inside a meteorite found traces of an ancient star

Внутри метеорита нашли частички древней звезды

Scientists made an unusual discovery in the study of chondrite – meteorite that fell on Antarctica.

In the interior are preserved particles of foreign matter. The analysis has shown that tiny fragments of dead stars that exploded even before the appearance of the Sun.

Such ancient samples are very important to science because it sheds light on the mystery of the formation of stars and planets. But most of them collapsed at the dawn of the Solar system, when there reigned chaos, reports .

“What is our life? Game!”Внутри метеорита нашли частички древней звезды“World mind games”: the premiere of “the World” Therefore, the discovery of a miraculously surviving fragment was an event for researchers.

“As real star dust, these grains give us an idea about the building blocks that formed our Solar system,” – said the author of the scientific work of Pierre Hancur.

Fragment received its own name LAP-149, consists of graphite and silicate grains. After the explosion of a star, it flew through the space and, once in a primitive meteorite, was in the field where now is our system.

Scientists have suggested that his “ancestral home” could be a double star system. Dying star – a white dwarf gradually absorbed the substance of his larger “neighbor” (perhaps it was a red giant) and reaching a certain size, throw particles far into space.

So a completely new chemical elements enter other bodies and planets. Through these processes, the universe originally consisted of hydrogen, helium and lithium, filled with complex elements, and her life began.

Chemical analysis found in a meteorite fragment showed an abnormally large number of stable isotope of carbon 13C.

If the samples from the Solar system and its level may vary about 50 times, Stardust – 50 000 times.

“These results prove that the rich carbon and oxygen of grain of new breeds has contributed to the building blocks of our Solar system,” noted the study authors.

It is noted that a fragment of matter too small to be able to determine its age. But scientists hope to find larger pieces and get even more information.

Earlier it was reported that the meteorite was discovered a fragment of a comet, which “traveled” through the Solar system at an early stage of its existence.