Instagram adapts to the containment with new sharing tools

Instagram s’adapte au confinement avec de nouveaux outils de partage

Instagram, which must adapt to a changing ultra-high-speed usage on its platform, introduced Tuesday new features to meet the increased demand for sharing live and reliable information on the pandemic Covid-19.

While more than 2.6 billion people are called to stay at home in the world, the app specialist and travel photos mode is now used to show his life at home, often in pajamas, and to follow influencers, artists, or friends in live video (” live “).

This function has exploded in the last week.

“The volume of live has more than doubled in Italy, on Facebook and on Instagram, since the beginning of the confinement. And we are seeing similar peak in other parts of the world, ” said Adam Mosseri, the boss of Instagram, at a press conference a video-conference from his garage converted into an office.

To cope, the network focuses on the information — put in before the contents of the health authorities — and the exchanges between people, to ” combat loneliness “.

Users who type keywords related to the Covid-19 in the search bar will appear with messages and educational links to information from the world Health Organization and other local institutions.

The platform wants to encourage social distancing, which is seen as key in the fight against the new coronavirus by the authorities, as well as donations to NGOS, with a “sticker” (label virtual) to report the legitimate organizations with financial needs.

It offers now also a mode called ” co-watching “, where several people (up to 6) can make video calls while watching all of the content on the same screen.

But the implementation of the adjustments and new features is not done smoothly.

The new sticker “Stay Home” (stay at home) had to be removed in emergency 36 hours after it was launched, for example: “He was so used that it has failed to make the plunge Instagram. We had to redesign on Sunday, and it is proposed again since yesterday, ” says Adam Mosseri.

The prohibition of all advertisements for masks or gels, hydroalcoholic, announced a few weeks ago, turns out to be also complex: it is applied really since yesterday.

“The situation is quite crazy,” admits the boss speaking to his thousands of colleagues who need to adjust the operation of the platform in record time, from home.