Instagram is testing a new app: why is it special

Instagram тестирует новое приложение: в чем его особенность

The company Facebook is preparing to release a Lite version of the popular app Instagram. Modification of the social network will be designed for developing countries, which are budget devices with small memory and low mobile traffic. In favor of the lesser flow of traffic indicates the refusal of Instagram in the Lite version of advertising.

It should be noted that program size is 573 KB only, by the way, the usual program Instagram weighs in at 32 MB. But in this case users will have to sacrifice something. So, the Lite version is devoid of Direct messages and the ability to upload videos.

Instagram тестирует новое приложение: в чем его особенность

Instagram Lite will lose some features

However, users will still be able to upload photos, view your feed, rate and comment photos, and view history friends. The company noted a quick start program.

Now the app is being tested in Mexico, and it is possible that in the near future will be available to the inhabitants of the world.

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