Instead of sweets it is better to prepare healthful Flaxseed jelly

Вместо кофе со сладостями лучше приготовить целительный льняной кисель

In folk medicine, flax is one of the most useful natural products for human health. Especially helpful will be people who do wrong is in the process of carbohydrate and fat metabolism. We recommend you to pay attention to the flax sugar for diabetics. Jelly from flax there is no glucose, starch. Jelly full of useful protein, fiber. The secret is that the pudding needs to cook only from the seeds of flax, not using additives, which add a sweet taste.

Instead of coffee with sweets

Lignans contained in flax seed, natural prebiotics. They positively affect the body’s microflora. This element with a couple of protein flax is able to strengthen bone tissue, as protein is the basis of bone, which contains calcium, phosphorus, silicon.

Another great advantage of linseed jelly is the ease of preparation. Full of beneficial properties, the jelly can be prepared even in the workplace. Everything you need: a glass of flax seed, some dried fruit, warm water, and have the perfect snack. Jelly makes a delicious and very useful. Recommend to consume the drink instead of coffee with sweets, which unnecessarily burden the stomach, contribute to the appearance of extra fat in different places on the body.


  1. Take one tablespoon of flax seeds and one tablespoon of dried fruit to Your taste. You can drink to make it sweeter, adding honey or maple syrup.
  2. Fill ingredients into the glass, wash thoroughly, add warm water. The water temperature should not be above 40 degrees to jelly prepared “live”, otherwise a greater amount of nutrients to “die.” If possible, suggest to cook the pudding in a thermos.
  3. The mixture to become increasingly thick in a few hours it turned into a real pudding. In a thermos drink ready much faster.

Linseed jelly is good because, firstly, it is incredibly useful, and secondly, quite tasty, thirdly, very simple to prepare. Use this recipe to improve your health!

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