Instead, the Ukrainian Carpathians. What the West wants from Belarus without Lukashenka

Взамен украинских Карпат. Чего хочет Запад от Белоруссии без Лукашенко

© RIA Novosti, Egor Eremov the Signing of Lukashenka and Putin “road maps” of the Union state postponed until 20 December, and maybe on a more long-term period. We need to be realistic: between Moscow and Minsk, there are unsolvable today, without a basic mutual concessions positions that have stalled the integration process. And both sides do not want to compromise principleto does not nullify or cancel a Federal state. But from this state of bilateral relations revived a common enemy.

Minsk Independence-1999

Sunday, October 17, 1999, edition of the author’s program of Sergei Dorenko opened the report from Minsk, where thousands have been protests of the Belarusian opposition, which escalated into riots. Along the Avenue of Francysk Skaryna were thousands and thousands of demonstrators with flags of the BNR, coat of arms-Pagon, chanting slogans “long live Belarus!”. The journalist reported that there were at least twenty thousand. They passed along the Skaryna Avenue, held a rally in the Park of Friendship of peoples. The culmination of the manifestation was a symbolic act of burning of a draft Treaty on establishing the Union state between Belarus and Russia. Did it myself a young man, whose name was Valentin Vecherko.

But in the story he was signed otherwise: Vintsuk Vyachorka. Burning a draft Treaty on the Union state, he shouted: “a Union with Russia — this is war! Union with Russia is death! Union with Russia is poverty!”Today, when due to the Ukrainian events, we are well informed about the anatomy of color revolutions in the chronicle is clearly visible morphology and physiology of the Belarusian Maidan 1999. Ahead of a close-knit ranks were “aunts” whose faces were covered with scarves (balaclavas still not sold), they threw the ranks of the police with stones and bottles. Still not with gasoline, but the determination to throw at law enforcement officers were furious. Zmagary police broke the chains, broke through to Lukashenko’s residence. The first circuit dare, the second is not overcome, after which the police began to attack and dispersed the crowd. The arrests started, the rebellion was suppressed, but the images from Minsk circled the entire planet. And on December 8, 1999, Moscow hosted the signing of the Treaty on establishing the Union state, around which today is so hot that even the cold.

Twenty years later

Vintsuk Vyachorka — the man who in 1999 on a makeshift dais in the center of Minsk burned the draft Belarusian-Russian agreement, calling out black prophecy was a false prophet. The Federal government has brought the Republic of Belarus and its people, the world, life, material prosperity, and stability. Thanks to him inflation is gone, all industrial facilities of the Soviet Union work, and citizens socially protected and employed. The latter is known, gives our lives order and meaning.

The most important for citizens of Belarus acquisitions was their equating a de facto right to work in Russia with Russian citizens. This is a very important advantage that is enjoyed by millions of Belarusians, especially the young. No citizens of any of the post-Soviet countries, where they go to work in Russia. All the rest need to acquire a license — a permit to work. For him to pay a monthly fixed tax.

There are many other benefits that Moscow gave the Belarusians in their territory, and they are very help people to be self-sufficient, and therefore free. If twenty years ago the Belarusians, listen Vintsuk Vyachorka, overthrew Lukashenko and disrupted the creation of the Union state, as happened in Ukraine 2014, history of Belarus would have gone a different path. We don’t know exactly what, but in the mirror of the events of 1991-1994, you can guess. Then a small but industrial-Soviet Republic, led to undermine the government inept and incompetent politicians was plunged into chaos, banditry, total corruption, trade deficit, Exodus of people, the shutdown of companies, unemployment, the abolition of social guarantees and hyperinflation. The latter has survived all fifteen Soviet republics, but somehow, in history, of all the “currency” dashing 90-x includes only the Belarusian “Bunny” — quasi-money decorated with images of animals. Lukashenko was hard, poor and scared — who lived then, remembers it well.But what he Vintsuk Vyachorka or Valentin Vecherko? He now lives in Belarus. Not sitting, not running, not disappeared, than he was ruined at the meeting on 17 October 1999. For many years a member of the leadership of the Belarusian popular Front (BPF), is included in the various Pro-Western social organization. 1 December signed a petition “About the threat to the independence of Belarus” in connection with the preparation of the signing of the “road maps”. Forgotten nothing, learned nothing. His son received the name of Franak works grant eaters, a journalist of the Belarusian edition of radio “Freedom”, and any work of art, which he did immediately showered with generous rewards from the EU. The Film “Long Live Belarus!”, filmed in Poland, two million dollars donated by France, was awarded “Best screenplay” and 2,000 euros at International Brussels film festival in 2013. Franak Vyachorka — winner of the “Golden Apostrophe”, for the best debut in prose, “For personal courage” of Charter 97, “a New generation”. A film by Polish Director Miroslav Derbinskogo “a Lesson of Belarusian”, the filming of which participated Vecherko, has 18 awards, including the “Movies that matter” in Amsterdam “Prix Europa” in Berlin as “the Best documentary of Europe.” Politically he was the son of his dad on the line BPF. In turn, the father, the son of his father: assistant to the first Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party of the Byelorussian SSR, Pyotr Mironovich Masherov. Father and son live in Minsk the country shall enjoy full freedom guaranteed by the Constitution of Lukashenka and the benefits of the Union state. Are its principal enemies.

Belarusian rake

Better picture than the history of a dynasty Vecherko, in the context of Belarusian national independence, the Union state and the dialectics of the history of the country, which is trying to tear away from Russia, impossible to think. It is the alpha and omega. You can omit the curtain. Of course, the events of October 1999 and December 2019 evoke the feeling of “Groundhog day”: the same people are protesting against the same. It is important to understand the difference: these are two completely different countries.

The difference is not only in the number of people, their appearance and General attitude, but also in the scenery. For twenty years, Belarus has evolved from a crisis, dysfunctional post-Soviet republics in a modern, sometimes very European country. Here everyone pays taxes, the justice system is working like a clock, but in terms of freedom here is frowned upon and severely prosecuted only attempts to overthrow the legitimate authority, corruption, and espionage. Everything else is free. Even in conversations about the possibility of independence the level of “good”.In its multi-vector diplomacy, but father is working and with the opposition too. As a result, its members were even admitted to the House of representatives, BPF is alive and well, and Vintsuk Vyachorka, his son Franak successfully Spud all possible assistance from the Western hill. With Lukashenko, they have put up as Western countries, and dive with Russia were they are. Has reached unimaginable this year but father was invited to return to the country even irreconcilable zmagarov who sit in exile. Whether it’s insane Zenon Pozniak unknown, President any names not mentioned. But the signal was filed. Today none of the opposition not in jail — there are others, including a faith and truth serving to the regime. “All my friends are in prison,” — said Lukashenko at the meeting with journalists. Today the main crime in Belarus declared corruption.

If tomorrow square

The Maidan in Belarus is impossible in the first place because the government and the opposition have reached an unwritten consensus. Zmagary acknowledged tactical defeat, made peace with Lukashenko and lead a dialogue with him. The two-day “marketplace” that accompanied the talks between Putin and Lukashenko in Sochi, gave the impression of absolute consistency and fixed. Although the action still has not been agreed upon, no arrests have been, and it usually does not happen.

Anti-Russian paradigm in zmagarov preserved, it was added Ukrainian experience and rhetoric. They have not forgotten anything and nothing is able to learn in principle. But Father, they take into account more and totally do not deny. This balance in civil society, Lukashenka has reason to be proud of as a creation of their hands, it’s true. But that is what is the cause of the violent and deliberately shocking scoring the President of Belarus of the theses on “the sovereignty, which we do not give up”. Excessive enthusiasm during a very pragmatic economic dialogue, the Kremlin is not understood, where there are business people. They absolutely clear that Lukashenka does not need the West. The West needs a Belarus without Lukashenko. Neither by hook nor by crook, if the power of the current President no integration with Russia, with the EU in Minsk will not work. The conflict between the West and Moscow have led only to a temporary and very fragile warming of relations in Brussels “Europe’s last dictator”. These cunning and ruthless “partners” is a very long time to wait, when the father will end. They saw the fall and these systems: what is the collapse of the Soviet Union! They do not need any Belarusian potassium, nor agricultural machines, nothing. To the West it is important to conduct the degradation of education, to destroy the population tariffs to push people with their foreheads in the ethnic conflict, to quarrel with Russia, to plunge the political system into a state of permanent crisis. And then quietly cut the Belarusian forest until it sweeps at zero. For farsighted Brussels already sees the day when in the Carpathian mountains last tree is cut down.Maxim Maximov

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