Intel will introduce its own discrete graphics card in early June of 2020

Intel представит свои дискретные видеокарты в начале июня 2020 года

The Network finally has an official indication of the time of the announcement of discrete graphics Intel XE. He was made chief architect of Intel and senior Vice President for architecture, software and graphics Coduri Raja (Raja Koduri), posting on Twitter… photo electric Tesla Model X.

It would seem, and here Tesla? The car itself is not interesting, but important information on his license plate. The inscription “ThinkXE” clearly alludes to the ruler of 3D cards, and the data at the top left and right indicate the date to June 2020. In June is traditionally the exhibition Computex, where Intel is exactly the same traditionally announces their new products. So with high probability premiere Intel XE will be held at Computex 2020. Usually the biggest announcements to happen or the day before the opening of the event, or the first day of work, next year it will be June 1-2.

In General, a release date of the novelties is already a certainty, it remains to find out details about the characteristics. At the moment, with certainty we can only say that they are based on the architecture of Gen 12 and is divided into two lines: user and server.

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