Interesting facts about each sign of the Zodiac. Straight to the point!

Интересные факты о каждом знаке Зодиака. Прямо в точку!


It can’t be called selfish. Just this person is able to live happily.

Such a person to argue with is almost impossible.

She has a way with words.

If you do not understand a woman, then she is simply not for you.

Very trusting and honest.

Hates lying to her.

It’s not perfect, but she is always herself.


With such a woman is difficult to live, and without it, not impossible.

If she wants something, she gets it.

Even if her life still very bad, it will not be removed from the face smile.

She doesn’t need riches, just to love.

She’s really possessive.

Very true.


She likes it when her good attitude.

It should not to everyone’s taste. She’s special.

She wants everything banned.

If she likes, I will make this man the happiest in the world.

You will never know about her feelings, if she will not share. If she trusts you — you to her close people.

She doesn’t like to be Intrusive.

Rehabilitation is not subject.


She doesn’t care about people who hate her.

She does not take seriously criticism from those people who themselves have not achieved anything in this life.

At times it drones on like a 90 year old Granny.

Has an excellent memory.

A great family man!

Very much tied to the people.


Loves hugs.

Will not keep the person who is trying to leave.

Loneliness unknown to her.

Her character is the result of the human relationship to it.

She can’t stand the lies and gossip behind her back.


Important to her appearance and inner world of man.

Her to be fed all to understand and forgive.

If she asked for it — it is better to answer honestly. There is a risk that she already knows everything.

She is wise and cunning at the same time.

She very rarely gives a second chance.

Not worth it to argue with her.


She never will tell others about their real life.

She always says what she was really thinking.

She needs sincere feelings.

She knows that even the worst person to find something good.

She hates to get up very early.

She loves ripping people’s masks.


If she didn’t dig their own problems, they will soon be resolved.

Her character is the result of all those steps, which she put foes.

If her feelings are hurt, then you can very much regret it.

If she doesn’t answer your spit in the soul, it does not mean that she did not notice him.

She never ceases to show his aggression immediately.


She loves to travel.

She could end the friendship with that person, even if before that, no quarrels. Just sometimes it happens.

She loves the tactile sensation.

Together with her friends she is ready to move mountains.

She likes simple people, without hypocrisy, and artificiality.

She is not afraid to admit it.


She knows that there is no need to rush things.

She won’t smile to whoever she unpleasant.

It is absolutely indifferent to the opinions of a stranger.

She likes strange people.

She likes sincere people.

Along with it you are in no danger.


She’s very free-spirited.

It is not going to meet everyone’s expectations.

It is not surprising strangeness of other people.

Even if things do not go as we would like — she wouldn’t stop smiling.

It is so important for the finish.


She has a great memory and always remembers the good.

Sometimes she feels ashamed of your own thoughts.

It is not as simple as it would seem.

She is not afraid of feelings.

She won’t live with a man only because he was.

It is unobtrusive.

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