Interesting facts about elephants

In this article you will find an incredible elephant facts that will shock you and at the same time.

Цікаві факти про слонів

Some of these animals live in the mountains, others in the valleys, and some in swamps, or in swampy areas. From nature love damp places. In a large number live in warm areas and the cold can not stand. The elephant is the largest animal living on Earth. The male is larger than female. He is completely black, bald, solid back, abdomen soft, wrinkled leather. Folds on the abdomen they catch flies and other annoying insects. Elephants can soothe the skin, and then again to wrinkling, informs Rus.Media.

In the mouth of each elephant on each side there are four molars, which they chew their food.

Over the teeth there are two large and long tusks protruding from the upper gums. Between female and male is, however, the difference is the male’s fangs are not of such magnitude as in the female. Some believe that canines should not be considered a teeth, they should be considered horns, because they sometimes fall out and grow again. The elephant’s tongue is too short and wide, but extremely long nose called a trunk, which he uses instead of hands.

Elephants have excellent memory. If they hurt anyone, they’ll remember it and take revenge even years later.

The white color is so hated that mad one of its kind.

Food and drink the elephant takes a trunk, because the trunk is so kicky and so curved that the elephant can pull, then twist. The trunk is hollow and takes the elephant breathing air. The elephant trunk to grasp the smallest thing, for example, a coin, or some other trifle, and brought it to his master. When the elephant enters the water, lifts the trunk up. The trunk has such strength that can and Bush to pull out, and the whole tree with roots.

The elephant has a double heart, he has no gall bladder, but there is a huge light.

Hind leg flexes, as a man, though some argue that they have no joints. The round feet have five fingers. The elephant lives a very long time, some elephants live two hundred years, and some three hundred, but a lot of elephants die from all kinds of diseases and as a result of various unexpected events. After sixty years the elephants are in the best age. But it is especially dangerous for them cold. From the cold of the elephant can be saved, if you give him to drink the thick red wine. If the elephant will eat the worm, called chameleon, he immediately dies from poisoning. Here it can save only wild olives. These fruits contain the antidote. Tired of the elephant is useful to lubricate the back with vegetable oil with salt and water.

Their young bull is immensely loves and protects from various dangers and would rather sacrifice his life than leave.

The elephant is fully amenable to training. He can get the stone into the target, as well as to write, read, dance and play the drum. This can be done extremely skillfully.

Elephants are afraid of snakes.

In Ethiopia, they say, is a huge snake, up to thirty steps in length as soon As the snake VistaJet elephant, she crawls on a sky-high tree and hanging down hanging by your tail from a branch. When the elephant gets close, she catches him in the eye, pulls them, and the elephant strangling.

Elephants people can serve to drive. Sometimes they are used in the chores. The Bishop can move to the back four. But if someone will not hold and will fall, he will pick up a trunk that crashed. Residents catch elephants just for the tusks, which are considered very valuable.

Elephants love their homeland, and if they are taken away to a foreign country, they never forget their homeland, sigh and yearn for the country, not just from the tears and suffering of losing my mind and dying.