Interesting facts about rabbits

Currently, there are about 150 different breeds of these animals.

Цікаві факти про кроликів

Rabbits are bred for tasty dietary meat and fur. Currently, there are about 150 different breeds of these animals. They vary in color, size and way of life. Decorative rabbits kept as Pets. They are notable for their sweet friendly personality and not afraid of man, informs Rus.Media.

Rabbits are incredibly prolific. Puberty they reach the age of three months, but that the rabbit brought a healthy and full-fledged offspring, it is best to pair it in six-month age. Rabbit carrying baby rabbits one month. They are blind, naked and absolutely helpless. To keep warm should always be in the thick fluff, which DOE breaks with itself just before birth.

Born to nine rabbits though there are exceptions. However, the nipples rabbit only eight, so she can feed not more than eight or nine rabbits.

Rabbits are herbivores animals. They are constantly chewing grass, which leads to intense wear of the teeth. For this reason, they grow them throughout life.

Rabbits can make sounds. Basically this: snort, sudden and loud squeaking, the gnashing of teeth, foot stamping.

Thermoregulation of the body of these animals is through located on the feet pads.

Rabbits are incredibly delicate animals. Their spine can not withstand large loads. If you fall on your back crawl can be injured.

Paws of rabbits equipped with fingers. The hind limbs are four of them, and on the front – five.

In this animal a small ponytail and lovely long ears, up to 70 centimeters long. Sexual dimorphism is not pronounced. Females look just like males. The size and weight of a rabbit depends on the breed. As a rule, an adult animal weighs 4, 5 kilograms. The mass of individual species can reach 25 pounds.

Rabbits are incredibly flexible, agile and fast. To catch the animal is difficult. Rabbit can not only run fast, but also to make long jumps. Meter to jump the fence he’s capable of without much effort.

In the wild rabbits live in underground burrows that they dig themselves. Very careful. Never lose vigilance, constantly watching the surrounding space. In case of danger warn their compatriots, causing the hind legs strikes on the ground.

Rabbits are very clean animals. They are emptied in the same place. Although you can throw food and hay all over the cage.

Grow quickly, but often get sick. Very prone to diseases such as myxomatosis, pasteurellosis, coccids, listeriosis, viral haemorrhagic infection. The best treatment is prevention and vaccination. You should promptly clean and treat the cells to prevent the spread of flies and mosquitoes, as well as to immunize rabbits.

The average life expectancy of a rabbit is eight years.