Interesting facts about raccoons – cute striped svirku

These cute little animals are able to love with all my heart, is only to let into your life this striped wonder.

Цікаві факти про єнотів - милих смугастих звірьків

1. Interesting, strange and curious. No, this is not the image of the raccoons. This poloskani see people with such extravagant and strange nature. In a press constantly there are interesting facts about these animals, informs Rus.Media.

2. Get ready for this ritual baths in the sink. Receiving a portion of your favorite treats, raccoon immediately rushes to the sink, opens the faucet and starts to thoroughly rinse your meal. This guy will not rest until you wash the fruit or vegetable to a mirror Shine. And when he gets bored at leisure, he can rinse out in sink your favorite things, like a sweater or t-shirt.

3. Curiosity without borders. Here are some interesting facts about the raccoon. A gargle will not rest until you try it on the tooth interesting things for him. Don’t be surprised much when the area Board books with your favorite novel, one will see a clear imprint with dents from the fangs of a bully in the mask.

4. Don’t play with raccoon hide and seek! This charming creature has received in the course of evolution special receptors that help the animal to navigate in space in the pitch of night, even with closed eyes. He sees not so much the eyes as the touch.

5. Raccoons are the primary bullies. If the animals were allowed to imprison, the cells would be filled with these amazing animals. Poloskani very irritable. They easily clashed with cats, dogs and even birds.

6. The trick first. Beast beast, but raccoons gifted a decent wit. They will not miss the opportunity to take revenge on her abuser. Often when pussy luring unfriendly dogs on thin ice, or even in a hunting trap.

Цікаві факти про єнотів - милих смугастих звірьків

7. “And where would I eat”? Wild raccoons easily make their way into homes and arrange there a real audit products.

These animals do not stop even glass or plastic containers. With deft hands, animals, easy open lids on the jars, even if there is clips.

8. “Two hundred in one boat”. All raccoons are potential alcoholics. Knowing that spirits hit the brains, pussies love a good drink of beer or even something stronger. There are cases when raccoons make their way into other people’s homes and roam there in search of alcohol. And finding a cherished container with alcohol, dried it all up and you can get drunk and fall on the scene. Poloskani I love canned beer. Picking up a tin of noble alcoholic drink, this animal is cleverly opens the lid, no worse than people and can volley to pull all content.

9. “First come, first serve”. Wild raccoons can be annoying to rural residents. There are many cases when the animals “twine” vineyards, private farmlands just before harvest. Fluffy is a creature, incredibly focused on all sorts of berries, fruits, nuts and vegetables. It often happens that the surveillance camera for farm records as a bevy of these intricate creatures with striped tails, like at home, assemble at night, the crop of apples, cherries, walnuts, etc.

10. “Where is your pen”? Paws like a raccoon with a human hand. Fingers these animals can be developed even more than in humans. Raccoons can easily handle with lock, keys, very delicate and delicate objects. And some trained raccoons and is able to take a full relaxing massage.

A little about the life of raccoons

1. Raccoons can fall into hibernation. There are cases that even a fully domesticated poloskani sleep at 3-4 months, when the outside reigns the winter weather.

2. If raccoon is being treated with love and understanding, this cute and charming little animal will love their caring owners all over his huge and kind heart.

Цікаві факти про єнотів - милих смугастих звірьків

3. Keeping a raccoon at home, you should have patience and endurance. Craving for the unknown, attracts animals like butterflies to the light. Should bring into the abode of some new thing, for example, a coffee table, so these rogues will run and jump on it until the element of the interior does not seem to raccoons “in his Board”.

4. The most long-lived animal is a raccoon a gargle. An interesting fact that this animal can live in the home for more than 20 years.

5. The average weight person can fluctuate in the range of 5-12 (kg).

6. Length of an adult raccoon can reach 60 (cm).

Цікаві факти про єнотів - милих смугастих звірьків

7. Wild raccoons love to climb to people who suspect nothing and sleeping a peaceful sleep, under the blanket. People can sleep in the arms of a wild beast all night and in the morning horrified to rush across the room from such an unusual picture.

Цікаві факти про єнотів - милих смугастих звірьків

8. The raccoon gladly drink a jar of 0,5 l of beer.

9. A raccoon can climb trees upside down. These animals are real virtuosos in rock climbing. There are cases when wild pussies make their way through the Windows of the tenants of apartment buildings.

10. Raccoons are by nature nocturnal creatures. If nature will prevail over the education, home poloskani lead twilight-night lifestyle, setting up at night real fights.

Actually, these cute little animals are able to love with all my heart. One has only to let into your life this striped wonder. Raccoon – worthy being of all Pets. Be sure of this. Let you accompanies fortune raccoon!