Interesting facts about storks – beautiful and graceful birds

AIST noble bird, love her people, praised in songs and poems.

Цікаві факти про лелек - красивих і граціозних птахів

Amazingly beautiful bird. Storks differ from other beauty and grace. Externally, the bird like a Heron, but big. Usually the nests, the storks meet on the trees. In recent times, it is possible to observe nests on power lines. Storks are not afraid of people and settle on the roofs of rural houses, informs Rus.Media.

Some rural residents build places for their nests, pluck the branches on the trees, and put the staves with a circle. The presence of people of storks do not mind. Civilization does not frighten them. And at the same time, they are cautious in relation to the person.

White stork

Of the most well-known of all storks white stork. Flies to winter in India or Africa. White stork likes to settle on the banks of the reservoirs. He lives on the banks of rivers, lakes and swamps. So great swims. Stork moves too well. Runs fast, especially when they see prey. Flies perfectly and performs the annual great flights. Speed develops up to 45 km/h. Sleeping stork, standing on one leg, alternately changing her in her sleep.

Black stork

The black stork lives in the forest, in the mountains. It prefers to nest away from man. Storks are very caring parents. Mother and father gently turns the eggs hatch, warming his warmth. Incubate up to five eggs.

Chicks stork

With the advent of the Chicks parents fed and watered the Chicks from morning to evening. Chicks storks from birth feed on insects. All the time parents in search of water and food for their Chicks. Parents throw out food from the beak, the Chicks are grabbing it on the fly. Brought water gently poured into the beak of the Chicks. The first two months of storks forage and feed their young. The appetite of Chicks is good. They eat well and gain weight quickly. Of the weak and sick Chicks storks lose. Adult and fledgling Chicks fly for sustenance themselves separately from their parents. Food in ponds is varied, it is insects, snakes, frogs, lizards, rodents, etc.

Features of storks

The stork is a big bird. It reaches a height of one hundred and twenty centimeters. White stork weighs about four kilograms, the black stork – about three pounds. Legs, neck and beak of the stork are long. Wingspan 1.5 – 2 meters. Stork in flight, extends neck and legs, slowly and gently flaps its wings. Storks birds almost silent. Has the voice of a black stork. White stork, knocking one half of the beak, creating a specific sound which becomes apparent to all the surrounding birds.


Each bird his plan of building a cozy nest. For large birds and “house”. White stork prepares the nest of sticks, twigs, puts them in one place, “home” ready. The black stork builds a nest thoroughly, gently puts bitches using earth and clay. One slot is used by the storks a few years, birds of the year to return to their sweet nest. Males arrive in advance and guarding the nest until the return of females from rivals. Every year for the hatching nest is updated and repaired. Nest every year increases in size. It is possible to accommodate small birds. But storks vigilant, protect your home from prying visitors.

The bird lives long, an average of 20 years. Storks have almost no enemies, except for the big eagles and crocodiles. AIST noble bird, love her people. Praised in songs and poems. The image of the stork is seen as a symbol of the country of Belarus.

There is a good sign. When the stork returns to the chosen place, in tandem with a companion, rural residents are waiting for a happy event, which heralds the birth of a child. Young rural residents arrange for places for storks nests and raise young.