Interesting facts about work flight attendants (PHOTOS)

Интересные факты о работе стюардесс (ФОТО)

They prefer to keep quiet about it.

The flight attendant profession steeped in some sort of special romance. Another would be: sky, plane, beautiful girls in beautiful uniforms. But spending most of the week away from the earth – not only the angelic entertainment, but also a hell of a job. And flight attendants each have their skeletons in the closet. About the big secrets that airlines ignore, talk today, reports the with reference to novate.

1. Never drink water “just from a Cup”

And coffee is also better to refuse. The fact that all water (except bottled) the plane is in a single source. Yes, one tank for flushing toilet, washing hands and, alas, often even drinks in the lounge. And wash it about once in never. So for the sake of his own stomach, better not risk it. And to spend money on bottled water.

2. The easiest way to get the stewardess of yourself – ask her to bring a glass of Cola or soda

Интересные факты о работе стюардесс (ФОТО)

The fact that the pressure at altitude causes the gas bubbles to “calm down” two to three times longer. This means that to properly fill the single Cup takes about half a minute until the foam settles and you can refill a new batch, the flight attendant had to make the coffee, and then two. A waste of time!

3. Flight attendants to take mandatory madbadvoodo

Интересные факты о работе стюардесс (ФОТО)

And in an emergency can carry out resuscitation and even…to take delivery. What? At the height of things happen.

4. Flight attendants not allowed to flirt with the passengers

Интересные факты о работе стюардесс (ФОТО)

How else to establish a personal life with such a rigorous schedule? Just keep this in mind and do not complain afterwards.

5. If the flight attendant smiles at you warmly at the entrance…

Интересные факты о работе стюардесс (ФОТО)

…it is, of course, nice and polite. But so they quietly and quickly assess each passenger in order to understand who could potentially throw up problems. Yes, these ladies are quick on the conclusions.

6. Artpersonally not always have time for a proper cleaning of the cabin

Интересные факты о работе стюардесс (ФОТО)

And therefore before the flight, better bring along wet wipes and sanitizer – definitely useful.

7. The flight attendants and pilots never eat the same food served to passengers

Интересные факты о работе стюардесс (ФОТО)

Because no one can prevent the risk to the pilot (or both!) stuck in the toilet, and the flight attendants were green from nausea in the eyes of the astonished audience. Here and draw conclusions about the “usefulness” of food on Board…

8. Want to realize your dream of a romantic “date” in a toilet cubicle high above the ground?

Интересные факты о работе стюардесс (ФОТО)

Better not to risk it and spend enthusiasm on something else. Incidentally, the toilet can be opened from the outside. In case someone of the passengers become ill inside and he loses consciousness. The stewardesses, of course, is the key. And who knows what about their personal life and is there any hope for understanding…

9. Most airlines makes flight attendants to sign a special clause in the contract

Интересные факты о работе стюардесс (ФОТО)

It is said that within two or three years flying their internal organs become unusable for transplant. Eerie detail, which gives an idea about the influence of “the most romantic work” on health.

10. Oxygen breathing mask for 15 minutes

Интересные факты о работе стюардесс (ФОТО)

But don’t worry: about 97% of the cases this is enough for an emergency landing. And in the other three to worry about…

11. In the event of an emergency, passengers are advised to push his head closer to the knees

Интересные факты о работе стюардесс (ФОТО)

The safety instructions indicate that this position will allow you to protect the internal organs in the fall. Alas, this is not the only reason. This position makes death from hitting the ground quick and painless.

12. Want to increase the chances of survival in case of crash?

Интересные факты о работе стюардесс (ФОТО)

Choose places that are closer to the tail of the aircraft. The percentage of survivors among the passengers of the “tail” is definitely higher than among their neighbors of the business class.

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