Intermediate resources: the orderlies still have not had their premium

Ressources intermédiaires: des préposés aux bénéficiaires n’ont toujours pas eu leur prime

The orderlies have still not received the premium of$ 4 per hour promised by the government Legault, according to the Association of intermediate resources d’hébergement du Québec.

The ARIHQ “request to the government to pay in the shortest possible time, the wage subsidy of the orderlies promised there are now more than two weeks,” wrote the organization in a press release.

At the beginning of April, the president of the treasury Board, Christian Dubé, announced that Quebec would provide an increase in the hourly rate of$ 4 for the orderlies during the crisis of the COVID-19. A premium similar of 8% was also granted to the employees of the health network directly in contact with the infected patients.

In front of the delay to apply the bonus promised, the ARIHQ says its members have difficulty retaining their staff. An internal survey of the association reveals that “71% of owners and managers of the network […] report difficulties in the provision of work attendants”.

“It’s been over two weeks that we were promised a bonus to the salaries of our employees, but we do not know neither the terms of this grant or the date on which the grant will be paid. We have been very encouraged by this promise, but there, the government must move, and quickly. We should not have to repeat it one more time,” says Joanne Pratte, executive director of the ARIHQ.

More details will follow…

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