International ballet festival opened in Tbilisi



Celebration of high art in Tbilisi. There opened the international ballet festival. Performances, meetings with world-famous stars, master classes. His works represent companies from Russia, Ukraine, Italy and Korea. The opening ceremony was visited by the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Diana Iosseliani.

Before the start of the premiere performance – a matter of minutes. The audience do not suspect that before the curtain rises, on stage rehearsal continues. Dancers needs to “warm up” as they say in the language of ballet.

“Of course, behind dozens of hours of rehearsal, but today is very responsible. We have a Prime Minister. So enjoy every minute of it. I remember I used to go to the shows with mom, sitting in the hall, and are now preparing to go on stage,” – said the dancer Ekaterina Surmava.

The idea of holding an international festival in Tbilisi belongs to the prima ballerina at the Bolshoi theatre, the head of the ballet troupe of the Tbilisi Opera and ballet theater, Nino Ananiashvili. This year the third festival.

“We try not to repeat. Every time looking for and creating something new, invite guests, famous dancers, shows interesting performances. We have classic, modern ballet composition. It is very important to prove and show that the ballet, too, is”” – said Nino Ananiashvili.

The festival opened with a one-act ballet “Conservatory”. The music was written by the Danish composer Holger Simon Pauli. On stage rehearsal, however, this time orchestrated and calibrated to the second. The two main characters arrived in Paris, went to a dance school and teach the movements to the accompaniment of a violinist.

“Actually, “the Conservatory” put rare. The music is very interesting. As for the libretto, it is unusual in that the stage is the process of learning the dance, which usually takes place in the classroom. As for my impressions, it is very exciting to open the festival” said as Irakli Cholokashvili.

The festival will last until the end of June. In the final gala concert will be attended by all guests. The scenario of the ballet Divertissement is kept secret in order to give the audience a surprise.

Festival ballet will complete 167 season at the Tbilisi Opera and ballet theatre, and the troupe will embark on a European tour.