International day of marriage agencies — February 12

International day of marriage agencies is one of the festivals founded by Ukrainians.

Міжнародний день шлюбних агентств — 12 лютого

About this holiday is little known, however it exists and is celebrated every year quite rapidly, and this happens on the eve of another popular holiday, St. Valentine’s Day. Although rarely speak, but the activity of such organizations is in society a very prominent place. Many people they helped to find family happiness, and their employees deserved an opportunity at least once per year with a sense to celebrate their professional holiday, informs Rus.Media.


The appearance in the calendar this date we are obliged Ukraine. It was here in 2010 1 December the feast were registered at the state level. The initiated one of the marriage agencies of Ukraine, the name of which remains unknown. The initiative was quickly picked up by almost all Nations of the world from the smallest to the largest.

It is strange that such an idea before anyone did not occur to you, because the actual history of marriage agencies officially has no less than 360 years, the first of the modern type was opened in the capital of England in September 1650. Well, the profession of a matchmaker known almost since the Paleolithic! It is clear that today the activities of most such organizations, as well as other business activity gradually “migrate” to the Global Network, but their essence from it does not change.


Note the date under discussion is much broader than it might seem on the surface. The celebration is usually attended not only by the staff of marriage bureaus and Dating sites. In the celebrations participated most couples who have managed thanks to the help of the main “culprits” to find in life a soul mate. And it’s a lot of millions of people across the planet.

The celebration is diverse: solemn mass arranged meetings between potential couples; particularly outstanding specialists conduct workshops; colleagues greet each other and give gifts. No cost holiday and no media attention that I dedicate to him your transmission. Are whole cycles of educational lectures that promote family values, the training of professional psychologists in the area of family relations, pedagogical lectures with practical recommendations and other activities.