Internet predators: protecting our children

Police call for vigilance, in these times of pandemic where many people find themselves in a state of great vulnerability. Vigilance parental also because the predators are there, never stopping their activities of predation. Here are a few important guidelines…

Vigilance !

If the internet proves to be an excellent tool to acquire knowledge and be entertained, there is also a place where you find online predators and malicious individuals. The sexual exploitation of children online is a very serious problem, and unfortunately, continues to increase.

Number of children using the internet without suspecting that they may be the victim of a criminal sexual. This is the reason why it is so important to provide sexuality education. At home, the parent can act as a lighthouse, as the educator responsible for providing tools to the child, and by the same implement to protect it. It is starting very early this education and instilling notions of personal security that the parent equipping his child to develop and put in place skills preventive. Subsequently, the child improves his ability of judgment and develops his reflex to talk about it and seek help until he gets.

Here are some clues which, according to The canadian Red Cross, can lead one to believe that your child may be at risk of put their online security at risk, or that he is falling into the cracks of a sexual predator on the internet :

  • Your child spends a lot of time online, especially in the evening. When you ask him with who he is online or what he does, the child refuses to tell you ;
  • You find pornography on your child’s computer ;
  • Your child receives phone calls from adults you don’t know ;
  • Your child asks you for a web camera or take your camera to the web in a place that is more private ;
  • Your child receives mail, letters, gifts from people you do not know ;
  • Your child turns off the computer monitor or quickly changes the screen when you enter the room ;
  • He withdraws from family activities.

An absolute priority is to protect our children

Many parents are so worried about these situations that they sometimes behave with a lot of awkwardness to get their messages ! Keep in mind that your best ally is communication. The channel of communication should always be open, your child must be able to rely on an adult lighthouse and have the opportunity to be heard and get help. The child who is a victim should not feel guilty nor make the moral. It must be received and helped.

Give stuff to your young people who are :

  • Instruct them to always keep their password private ;
  • Always ask the responsible parents before you give any information on the internet ;
  • Tell them not to accept friend requests from unknown people ;
  • Know that they can rely on their alarm system interior : when something or a situation that makes him feel bad, he should talk about it, you will be there for him.
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