Internet users seduced by the play with Pierre Palmade and Virginie Hocq

    Internet users seduced by the play with Pierre Palmade and Virginie Hocq

    This Tuesday, December 22, 2020, France 2 broadcast from 9:05 p.m. the play 13 at the table, a classic of the boulevard of the 50s directed by Pierre Palmade.

    Pierre Palmade and Virginie Hocq play there Antoine and Madeleine Villardier who await their guests on Christmas Eve. For Madeleine, the evening must be perfect. After its meticulous preparations, it promises to be unforgettable. But Madeleine is also very superstitious. When she realizes that there will be thirteen at the table, she decides to do everything to add a last minute guest, or to chase one away. As the atmosphere heats up more and more among the guests, Consuela, a South American, emerges from Antoine’s past and interferes in the evening. She seems to be fueled by a plan for revenge… Benjamin Gauthier, Sandra De Jesus, Christophe Canard, Agnès Miguras and Joffrey Platel complete the poster.

    On Twitter, Internet users were mostly seduced by the piece: “My 11 year old pre-teen “It was so good! Can we watch other funny plays like that every week?” My 15 year old (does theater in high school) “I love Molière but I would like to play dans un vaudeville ”It was great! We loved it”, “Excellent Virginie Hocq # 13atable“, “I had a great time watching this play! Thank you @ France2tv for putting culture on prime time while the theaters are closed! # 13ATable”, “I had a great time! A @PalmadePierre equal to himself, a flamboyant @HocqVirginie and @BenjaGauthier who plays a perfect butler. Laughs, but just the right amount and it made my evening! Thank you and congratulations to all.”

    According to Pierre Palmade, the secret of the success of the piece lies in its “totally crazy mechanics” … “The character of Madeleine does not manage to get out of it to avoid meeting thirteen at the table on Christmas Eve. At the mercy of the twists and turns and last-minute withdrawals, the guests meet at twelve, then fourteen, or even fifteen, to inevitably fall back on the fateful number. The public is fascinated, it does not stop counting over the acts “ he analyzes.

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