invented in France and developed in Finland …

    invented in France and developed in Finland …

    1973, the Alpine brand becomes world rally champion. We remember the images of small A110s sliding on icy snow in the turns of Monte Carlo.

    At the time, however, the public authorities began to be moved by the damage caused by this type of tire on the road surface.

    It was only since 1963 that these tires, studied in Finland by Nokian, began to become common. They perform very well on snow and ice and allow cars to avoid skids.

    Born in Clermont-#Ferrand

    Focused on innovation from the start, the Michelin company invented the Micheline and later invented the radial tire.

    In 1933, the studded tire appeared. There are usually between 100 and 150 studs or studs per tire, of which about ten should be in constant contact with the ground.

    In Finland, the company Suomen Gummitehdas Osakeyhtiö (later Nokian) developed – like Continental – in the early sixties, the current studded tire with its hardened metal tips. In 1963, the Monte Carlo podium was fitted with Nokian tires.

    More and more reserved for competition

    It is still possible to ride with studded tires, known as studded tires. They are authorized in regions with a very harsh climate from the Saturday preceding November 11 to the last Sunday in March (decree of July 18, 1985).

    Vehicles of less than 3.5 t which are equipped with it have their maximum speed limited to 90 km / h. Drivers are required to attach a badge to their bodywork when using them.

    In competition, the Andros Trophy type ice racing cars may use studs measuring up to 4 centimeters.

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