Investigation in New York on dozens of bodies found in truck

Enquête à New York sur des dizaines de corps retrouvés dans des camions

NEW YORK | The new york officials were investigating Thursday on the funeral business in Brooklyn, after police had found in front of the entrance of dozens of bodies rotting in storage in trucks.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, New York, the city most affected in the world with over 17 000 deaths from confirmed or probable sars coronavirus, has had its fair share of stories of a disease, with multiple accounts by managers of a funeral director, and submerged and refrigerated trucks visible throughout the city to help manage the accumulation of body.

On Wednesday, dozens of bodies — up to 60, according to american media — have been found in trucks in front of the funeral director, and Andrew Cleckley, a company located on a wide avenue in a neighborhood off of Brooklyn.

The new york police had been alerted to the mid-day, passers-by who smelled a foul odor coming from the trucks, said a spokesman. It is by going on the places she found the magnitude of the disaster.

“We are investigating this funeral business “, “we will not allow this kind of behavior,” said Thursday, Howard Zucker, head of the health services of the State of New York responsible to regulate these institutions.

He pointed out that this company had been the subject of any complaint in the past.

The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, has called the situation “horrible” and ” absolutely unacceptable “.

“The funeral directors are private companies, they have the obligation to treat people with dignity […], I don’t know how they could have let him do such a thing “, he added.

Thursday, police were stationed in front of the company, and employees in combination a protective standing near a body placed on a stretcher, in front of a truck and refrigerated.

The owner, Andrew Cleckley, told the New York Times that her institution, like many others, had been overwhelmed by the influx of the body, and had to put in trucks, after having completed his mortuary more than 100 corpses.

“I had no more place “, he said. “We corpses they do not know what to do with it “.

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