Investigation on the accusations of Moro against Bolsonaro

Enquête sur les accusations de Moro contre Bolsonaro

A judge of the supreme Tribunal federal of Brazil has ordered Monday the opening of a preliminary investigation on the charges of”interference” in judicial affairs for the president Jair Bolsonaro, made by his former Justice minister, Sergio Moro.

In its decision, obtained by AFP, the judge Celso de Mello gives 60 days to the federal police to interrogate Mr. Moro, the champion of the anti-corruption fight, who had resigned on Friday.

Such an investigation may open the way to an impeachment process against Mr. Bolsonaro, or to prosecution for the criminal complaint imaginary against Mr. Moro.

According to the juge de Mello, the offences committed by the president appear to have a close bond with the exercise of the functions of the presidential”, which excludes it from asserting immunity.

Mr Moro, minister popular with a public opinion disgusted by the corruption of political power, had slammed the door after the sacking of one of its men of confidence, the head of the federal Police Mauricio Valeixo.

The decision of the federal high Court listed seven offences that could be committed Mr. Bolsonaro, one of which was the corruption and the obstruction of justice.

After his resignation, Mr. Moro was shown on television a discussion on the messaging WhatsApp, where the head of State seemed to exert on him to pressure for the change of head of the federal Police.

Of the brazilian media have reported that the former judge had kept screen shots of the messages that could incriminate the head of State.

If the prosecution were to find evidence convicting Mr. Bolsonaro, it would be the responsibility of the Chamber of deputies to authorize the federal high Court to open a formal investigation. And if this formal investigation was to confirm the suspicions, the Congress is expected to vote on opening an impeachment process.

Mr. Bolsonaro going through a difficult period, with the outbreak of coronavirus, which did slow the economy, and established tensions with the authorities of the federal States in order to protect their population, while it minimizes the epidemic.

The president of the far-right continues to strongly divide the Brazilians. According to a survey Datafolha published by the daily Folha de S. Paulo, 45% of them believe that the Congress should open an impeachment process, and 48% that it should not.

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