Investment in Ukraine is decreasing with every year more and more

This is a key indicator of our economic condition

Инвестиции в Украину с каждым годом сокращаются все больше

Ukraine in the Doing Business ranking jumped to 64th place in the world. And the point? Well, really, what good is this growth?

Us 5 years to convince the importance of this rating. Said he is one of the main criteria of development. Well, Yes, in theory it means how easy it is in the country to do business, and how the country interesting for investors. For 5 years we of the 137 seats were on 64. Where are the results? Is position in the rankings improve not for the sake of results?

We have begun to enter the investors? We had a million jobs? Or maybe the emigration decreased?

Maybe it’s time to include critical thinking? Maybe it’s not just in the ratings, and what else? May have positions in the rankings to compare with numbers?

Foreign direct investment is now around 1-2 billion a year and over 5 years ago was 7-8 billion Fell significantly.

Capex over 5 years ago was 30 billion dollars, and now 22 billion! Business is investing less in production, and hence does not create jobs!

Remittances as an indicator of emigration more than 5 years ago was 9 billion, and now nearly 15 billion!!! Emigration rose!

Here are the real figures, not ratings!!! And they need to focus first. And not the rating should be objective and concrete results!!

Paul Wernovsky