Involvement in CIA torture: McCain announced the Senate’s attention to the first woman at the head of roost

McCain recalled that current US law forbids enhanced interrogation techniques.

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The Chairman of the Committee on the armed forces of the upper house of the us Congress John McCain suggests increased attention of the Senate to the new candidate on a post of the head of the CIA Gina Haspel through her involvement in the torture program of the CIA, reports Rus.Media.

This is stated in an official statement, McCain.

“In the approval process for the position of Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo has repeatedly confirmed that it would adhere to the law which applies the limitation of the field manual of the U.S. Army regarding the interrogation in all American agencies, including the CIA. The American people today deserve the same guarantees from Gina Haspel, whose career at the Agency has repeatedly intersected with the program of so-called “enhanced interrogation methods”, – said the Senator.

Torture of detainees during the last decade was “one of the hottest topics in American history”. McCain recalled that current US law forbids enhanced interrogation techniques.

“In the process of approving Mrs. Haspel should explain the nature and extent of their participation in the program of CIA interrogation,” – said the Chairman of the Committee.

Donald trump fired Rex Tillerson because of divergent views, and appointed in his place is former head of the Central intelligence Agency Mike Pompeo. But the CIA for the first time headed woman Gina Haspel.

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