Iran: 124 new death linked to the virus, more than 50 000 confirmed cases

Iran: 124 nouveaux décès liés au virus, plus de 50 000 cas confirmés

The iranian authorities announced Thursday 124 additional deaths due to novel coronavirus, bringing to 3160 dead the official death toll of the pandemic in Iran, which according to the president Hassan Rohani could be faced with the illness of the Covid-19 until next march.

Iran has identified 3111 new cases these last 24 hours, bringing the total of confirmed cases to 50 468 added Kianouche Jahanpour, a spokesperson for the ministry of Health during his press conference daily.

He said that 16 711 people hospitalized were cured.

The islamic Republic is among the countries most affected by the pandemic of novel coronavirus. It was announced on February 19, the first case of contamination on its land.

After you have done everything possible to avoid imposing measures containment and / or quarantine, the iranian government has decided on 25 march to ban all travel between the cities.

The measure, which came into force two days later and applies until the 8th of April, could be extended.

Without being officially confined, the inhabitants are called from several weeks to stay home ” as much as possible “.

President Rohani said on Thursday at a council of ministers that the government would decide on Sunday the procedures to be followed after the 8th of April.

The authorities have prohibited travel between the cities up to this date to try to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus in one of the countries most affected by the disease of Covid-19.

“We can’t decide on a day and say that the coronavirus will be eradicated,” said the iranian president. This virus ” will perhaps remain among us for several months, or even up to the end of the iranian year, which ends in march 2021.

He insisted on the fact that the country must remain vigilant, saying that new restrictions could be applied.

At the end of the month of February, schools and universities were closed in some provinces before the measurement is extended to the whole country.

Four important sites of religious pilgrimage for shi’a have also been closed, including in the city of Qom (centre). The congregational prayers of Friday have been cancelled and the Parliament was closed.

Several government officials and public figures have been infected by the new coronavirus, some of which have died.

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