Iran accused the U.S. of spying with the help of lizards

For the first time in the history of world government: the intelligence corps reptiloids declassified!

Іран звинуватив США в шпигунстві за допомогою ящірок

The dispute over Iran’s nuclear program continues, it seems, endlessly. The US accuses the middle Eastern country developing nuclear weapons, the answer range from “So, so what?”to assertions that use it for peaceful purposes. Anyway, Sahu not much like what the Iranians are doing something with nuclear technology, and those in turn do not like that the West is interfering in their sovereignty, reports Rus.Media.

The last word, the representative of Iran who accused the charity mission, which collects aid for Palestine for espionage. The formal reason for the charges was a very strange route around the country. They were detained, they were taken a few lizards: monitor lizards, chameleons, etc. of the Supreme military adviser to Hassan, Firouzabadi said in an interview that the lizards are used as radiation sensors.

In Iran the most odious profession, in contrast to the entire middle East peace is not a journalist, and environmentalist. They are often subjected to harassment and arrests.

Accusations of espionage by animals are often found among the middle Eastern counterintelligence. In 2016 Lebanon got the fretboard attached to the neck sensor. However, the device proved to be necessary for the study of migration routes of birds.

A few months ago the Palestinians caught in Israeli spy Dolphin uniform.

A couple of years ago the Egyptian military said that the Israelis teach sharks to attack tourists off the coast of the red sea.

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