Iran is planning to restrict the access of inspectors to its nuclear facilities

Иран планирует ограничить доступ инспекторов к своим ядерным объектам

Iran on Wednesday warned that it will restrict the access of international inspectors to its nuclear facilities as he continues to wrap up its commitments on the nuclear deal.

Hossein of Naghavi-Hosseini (Hossein Naghavi-Hosseini), a representative of the national security Committee of the Iranian Parliament, said: “In the fourth stage reduce the obligations of the Joint comprehensive plan of action we are likely to impose restrictions on inspection, and this means that the monitoring of the International atomic energy Agency of Iran’s nuclear activities will be terminated.”

The Iranian MP also said that “the Europeans did not fulfill its part of obligations” and the Islamic Republic never saw “no practical steps taken by the other party”.

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