Iran is preparing a sneak attack,” said Trump

L'Iran «prépare une attaque sournoise», dit Trump

WASHINGTON | The president of the United States Donald Trump has set Wednesday warned Iran against any attack on american soldiers in Iraq.

“We do not want hostilities, but if they are hostile, they are going to regret it as never before,” said Mr. Trump about Iran from the White House, during a press conference dedicated to the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

“According to our information […], Iran and its protégés are preparing a sneak attack against american troops and/or facilities in Iraq,” he tweeted earlier in the day. “If this takes place, Iran will pay a very high price,” he added.


A few hours earlier, Tehran had warned Washington against the risk of lead the Middle East in a “dire situation” in the midst of the crisis of the novel coronavirus, after the deployment by the United States of Patriot missiles on iraqi soil.

About the pandemic, the iranian president Hassan Rohani also criticized the United States, believing that they had missed a “historic opportunity” to lift their sanctions against Tehran.

The United States ” has not learned the lesson, even during this situation difficult world […]. It was a humanitarian issue. Nobody would have accused them of return ” on their position, he judged.

Iran, one of the countries most affected by the disease of the Covid-19, officially more than 3,000 deaths.

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