Iran will sue the United States for cyber attacks

Иран подаст в суд на США за кибератаки

Legal and diplomatic authorities of Iran are preparing to sue the United States for cyber attacks. The head of the civil defense Organization of Iran General Gholam Reza Jalali said that the US created the cyber threats and have repeatedly carried out attacks on Iran. According to him, States bear legal responsibility for their actions, and Iran’s judiciary in conjunction with the Ministry of foreign Affairs has already engaged in this issue.

According to the publication Tasnim, civil defense Organization of Iran has taken a number of steps to strengthen Iran’s capability in the field of cyber defense. For example, in the last six months has conducted more than 120 exercises, and 70% of them were aimed at the development of tactics of defense against cyber attacks on critical infrastructure.

Recall that over a year ago, Gholam Reza Jalali announced the switch in the US from real attacks to attacks in cyberspace. After the conclusion of a nuclear agreement (the so-called Joint comprehensive plan of action), the United States launched into cyberspace projects like Nitro Zeus, said the General.

Nitro Zeus – the name of the project for the implementation of sophisticated, well-funded high-tech cyber attacks after surgery by malware Stuxnet. Unlike Stuxnet, downloadable in a ready-made system and is designed to intervene in certain operations, the Nitro Zeus is being introduced into the system at the stage of production, and its built-in functions allow you to implement more effective cyber attacks.

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