Iranian nuclear: Trump says he may at any time terminate the agreement

Donald Trump with his chief of staff Joe Dunford (g.) and his minister of Defense of Jim Mattis, Arlington (Virginia), may 29, 2017. — NICHOLAS KAMM / AFP

The american president Donald Trump said Friday that he could at any time terminate the agreement on the iranian nuclear issue, after having announced that he was satisfied as a first time to refuse to certify the commitments of Tehran.

By not certifying this agreement, entered into in July 2015 by l’Iran and the Group of Six, Donald Trump’s place as the de facto u.s. Congress on the front line to address ” the many deep weaknesses of the agreement “.

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“However, in the event that we would not be able to find a solution by working with Congress and our allies, then the agreement would come to an end. It is under constant review and our participation may be cancelled by me, as chairman, at any time, ” said Donald Trump at the White House.

The israeli Prime minister Netanyahu immediately commended Trump for his ” courageous decision “. “I congratulate the president Trump for his courageous decision to confront the terrorist regime of iran “,-he said in a video posted in English shortly after the speech of the american president.

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