Iraq: Washington will reduce its troops “over the next few months”

Irak: Washington va réduire ses troupes «au cours des prochains mois»

The United States will “continue to reduce” its military presence in Iraq against the group jihadist islamic State (EI) “in the coming months, announced Thursday the iraqi and us governments in a joint declaration at the end of their “strategic dialogue”.

“The two countries took note of the fact that, in the light of the significant progress made towards the eradication of the threat of EI, in the course of the next few months, the United States would continue to reduce their forces in Iraq”, they said, without providing any figures or precise calendar.

Washington will also “discuss with the iraqi government on the status of the remaining forces,” they added.

“The United States have reiterated that they do not seek or request permanent bases or a permanent military presence in Iraq,” according to a joint press release.

“The iraqi government is committed to protect the military personnel from the international coalition against the EI”, as well as facilities in iraq which the house, in accordance with international law”.

This dialogue was to resume language for the two allied countries after months of tensions marked by a thirty rocket attacks against american interests, charged by Washington with the forces pro-Iran.

The feeling anti-american in Iraq has experienced an outbreak with the death in January of the general iranian Qassem Soleimani and his lieutenant in iraq, killed in Baghdad in a raid ordered by president Donald Trump.

The shiites deputies have, in the wake, voted for the expulsion of foreign troops.

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